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Israel at 60

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May 28, 2008 | 11:03 PM EDT

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2 weeks ago, Israel celebrated 60 years of independence from Palestine. Due to the intense fighting in their war for independence, Israel managed to get its status at a nation and stuff... The song is called "Do it!" by Meat Loaf, the album is Couldn't have said it better.

I know this is a controversial topic, but this event was important. Vote on the animation.

The people in the intro are David Ben-Gurion (the guy with white hair) and Chaim Weizmann (bald dude).



Rated 5 / 5 stars

great but your an idiot.

becouse PALISTEN dont have money to pay for guns and ait planes idiot.Hmmmm....Who the hell was talking with you in israel?
hmmm....strange lil man...

IZSBHR responds:

This flash depicts the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. b-Israeli_war#Weapons


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Uh. Riiight.

Look, I'm not going to paint the Palestinians as totally innocent. To say that they're absolutely blameless for all the conflict going on in Israel is dumb. But to say that Israel is a completely blameless David surrounded by dozens of Goliaths that want it's destruction isn't right either. Israel forced mass exoduses of Palestinians and then declared all of the ones that left their homes "absentees". Today hundreds of Israelis live in homes that once legitimately belonged to Palestinians and who refuse to give said homes back. Furthermore, the Arab states did offer peace to Israel before, but Israel's leadership turned them down, saying "time was on their side". And to anybody who thinks that Israel is a "big bad wolf" who can go it alone on their own power...some wolf! With jaws donated by the US of A and claws given by charity. HA!

Tell you what. The Palestinians can apologize for the crap they put the Jews through since 1850 and onward, for all the people THEY killed in power, and then the Jews can apologize for screwing the Palestinian people over and claiming they don't exist while jailing 13,000 of them in camps. And after all sides have apologized...welcome. Welcome to the bi-state of Israel/Palestine and let's stop fighting each other, because we're ALL people first, and Jews and Arabs second.

IZSBHR responds:

Oh boy. Sensitive discussion. Yippee.


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interesting. I may judging this the wrong way, since I'm Israeli, but this flash is sending mixed messages it seems.

You say you <3 Israel in one of your replies to one guy's comment, but like someone else said, it seems like the main theme here is 'Israel killing and conquering everything', especially the part where all the Israeli flags pop out. But I do agree with some things you said about how today's wars are just talk, and media, and bullshit.

IZSBHR responds:

No, I'm a Pro-Israel Zionist Jew. In fact, people often get fed up with my Israel related stuff... Although I have to admit, I don't like Bibi.

It's not "Israel is killing and conquering everything", it's that Israel is damn good at fighting when it has to.
The flags are just to illustrate victory. And a lack of ideas.

I don't think I ever said that, but it's true, regardless if I said it :P


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the palastin don't have money to bay airpline...

IZSBHR responds:

In the first Arab-Israeli war, it was Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc against Israel.

They had money for planes.

The Palestinians don't, but that's not exactly a good thing. I think if the Israelis helped the Palestinians a bit, they wouldn't all hate each other. Of course, nothing peaceful ever happens over there, and I'm typing this on the eve of another war :'C


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You kill innocent children and women

How can you support such a cause that kills innocent people such as the israeli government.