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rated 3.96 / 5 stars
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Feb 12, 2002 | 11:08 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 14, 2002

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Author Comments

Update (2.28.2012): Thank you all for your continual feedback and support of this movie. I really had no idea it would have done as well as it did.

Really, the reason why I'm updating this is because everyone seems to have an issue with the bottle exploding lol. Actually, the bottle explodes because a SPLIT-SECOND before the camera goes back to Max Payne, he actually shoves like 3 sticks of dynamite in it, along with some of that liquid stuff found in "Die Hard: With a Vengeance (3rd one)"; and so when he throws it it's already prepped for WWIII destruction.

I kid I kid. Actually, at the time, a lot of people were adding 3D effects to their 'stick movies' - 3D rooms, 3D weapons, 3D vehicles, etc.. - however, the 3D environments were hardly EVER, if ever, interacted with. The 3D environment simply sat there as a 'cool' backdrop for the movie to take place over. If you notice, I tried pulling the environment into the mix/action when, Max kicks open the door, walls and booths get shot-up, the bottle on the bar gets shot and explodes as Max is hoppin over the bar, and most notably the part when Max picks up the bottle of....god knows what....throws it, and shoots it. The use of the bottle, regardless of how unrealistic - which, by the way, is the fun part of making videos (you're only confined by your imagination) - gave me a reason to continue with using the environment. The explosion also gave me an excuse to use the slow-mo effect everyone was so obsessed with at the time (due to the Matrix and Max Payne) along with the sound effect lol.

Hey, give me a break, I was like 16 years old when I made it ;)

I'm 25 now, and can definitely appreciate the corny-factor of this video. There are a lot of things I'd change about it now if I could, however, I really doubt I still have the files. All I can do now is sit back and recollect on the past and how much of a pain in the ass this animation was to create lol!

Cheers everyone!

Oh! And the song towards the end is called "Whoo" by "4Lyn"



Rated 5 / 5 stars

great video great music


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad but the bottle explosion looked shitty and is impossible, if you shoot alchohole it does explode it spreads fire..


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool 3D visuals

This movie has some cool use of 3D visuals, and is a good use of Max Payne styling, but is hampered by it's stick look in the end.

The first thing you've managed to do here is make me remember vividly a part of Max Payne. It's quite near the start of the game, but the room you made for this movie was definitely styled after a shootout in a seedy bar where you have to take out a mob boss. And while the action here was definitely a lot different (this being a movie you werent constrained by the mechanics of the game) it was much better for it too. The throwing a bottle and shooting it to explode thing was a good end to the movie.

Loved the grimace face Max Payne look that was synonymous with the origianl game being plastered onto your Stickman during the preloader. Its a shame it couldn't have remained during the rest of the movie as this would have been pretty funny. Really, using proper character models instead of stickmen would be the greatest way to improve on this movie. Stick character look so bland and interchangable and make the movie look more lifeless, whereas individual character models would have lent an air of realism to the movie and made it more lifelike.

Great job though, this was an entertaining movie with some great effects.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

best stich fight ive seen in a while

man this was a very interesting stick fightfor me :D i love it!!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


How do you make a game/movie???