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Feb 12, 2002 | 1:18 AM EST

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"three dead trolls in a baggie" make some of the most hillarious religious audio i've ever heard, here's one of my favorites just for you!


sorry about the large file size, but it's an entire song!

if you havea slow connection you can download it here:




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Jesus was a sinner

"Is it not a disgrace for men t have long hair?" Corinthians 1


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Funny. It cracked me up.


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i should of never toutched the link.

Someone gave me this link and i said whatever, i watched it and couldnt be more disgusted with the way you made a living mocery out the lord jesus, really think before you make videos.


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I loved the song xD The animation was pretty nice too.

Hey, paladins. There is a thing ppl call "the freedom of word". If you don't like this man making fun of your... well.. religion- simply don't watch it. It's nothing hard to do. Just don't click. Unless you've had some serious issues and decided to go bitch over someone's work under the explanation of hurt religious feelings. Btw. Did you know Christianity is the most hateful religion ever? Less tolerant? It is.

PS. You really will be suprised when at the end your inner cells will die, your heart will stop beating and they'll bury you. Oh, sorry, you won't be suprised at all. Cold flesh has no emotions.. Happy life to all of you, guys. I hope you really don't need stories about stone plates falling from Heaven to basically be good. Cause it's not any religion we need to be good people. It's ourselves. Our morality. Thank you.

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idc if ur an atheist... this is way atheist are so ignorant and stupid they think there is no god cuz they dont know anything at have no idea whats comming for you...hell is gonna be your home i can see that..