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We Hate Call of Duty 4

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Comedy - Parody

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May 14, 2008 | 5:53 AM EDT

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100 Things We Hate About Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

After spending a lot of time on the GameFAQs' Call of Duty 4 forum, and making up my own opinions, I came up with 100 things most players hate about this game (50 things single player and 50 things multiplayer). Of course, this list is exaggerated, so take it with a pinch of salt - because I love this game, and don't necessarily agree with all the points listed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Visit my deviantART for more of my artwork if you want.

Sorry if the pace is too fast; that is what I was going for. Replay it and consult the following list to see what each meant.

1. Soap is forced to go up front first
2. One shot and you're dead on veteran
3. Shooting Imran Zakaev in the face but he loses an arm
4. One Shot One Kill mission
5. Carelessly-placed enemy intel available for easy pickup
6. Epilogue level on veteran (mile high club)
7. Khaled Al-Asad having the same character model as other OpFor
8. Enemies immune to flashbangs
9. Ironsights
10. Firing on the church (come on, we all did it!)
11. Patronizing quotes
12. Lengthy reloading
13. No Fighting In The War Room
14. Chain gun on the helicopter overheats too quickly
15. Cpt. MacMillan vs helicopter
16. "Big Bird, we are heavily outnumbered, where are yoooo!?"
17. Why are all the friendly helicopters at bingo fuel all the time?
18. Getting 6 grenades thrown at you at once
19. Dogs
20. Ghillie suits
21. Enemies with the last stand perk
22. Gaz
23. Gaz's face
24. Gaz's Attitude
25. Ssgt. Griggs = Sgt Johnson?
26. Poor Russian CPR administered on Cpt. Price
27. Getting caught on the doors during SAS training
28. Arcade mode. What's the point?
29. Insane recoil
30. Man on back of helicopter
31. Black Hawk Down ripoff
32. Lack of potato-throwing from Call of Duty 2
33. Not getting my damn checkpoints
34. Sniper Rifles not having real-time scopes
35. Shooting the hostage
36. Flesh wounds aren't acceptable
37. Why am I even on this plane!?
38. The Middle East
39. Russia
40. Shoop Da Woop "I'ma Chargin' Mah Lazer!" (I just wanted to put this one in)
41. Shooting the Hind with an RPG
42. Didn't I play this level in multiplayer?
43. Shoot the dog, 10 come after you (again, who didn't shoot him?)
44. Chernobyl lol
45. MacMillan's leg
46. I'm invincible when holding someone on my back
47. Soap, go do this
48. Jackson, go do this
49. "Oorah"
50. "Semper Fi"

51. Over-cooking grenades
52. Not being awarded that blatant headshot
53. Rushing into claymores
54. "Planting claymore!"
55. "Cover me I'm reloadin'!"
56. "It's a draw, stand down Marines."
57. The host disconnecting
58. Search and Destroy
59. Spawning on a grenade
60. Spawning under an airstrike
61. Helicopter killing you through a window
62. Headquarters' choice of spawning.
63. N00B Tube
64. Martyrdom perk
65. Last Stand perk
66. Juggernaut perk
67. Stopping Power perk
68. Lag
69. Bog is bog
70. Inability to flank on Downpour
71. Getting shot on Downpour by the Mounted Gun across the map, through a couple of walls
72. Campers
73. Campers with the UAV Jammer perk and a silencer.
74. 12 year olds and younger
75. Didn't I play this map in the story campaign mode?
76. Snipers (those glorified campers)
77. Bloc
78. M16A1
79. Being on the OpFor's side
80. MP44 (WWII style)
81. Not having gold weapons
82. Having a teammate call in a UAV during yours
83. Random grenades
84. Level 10, rank 55 prestigees
85. ACOG Scopes
86. Overgrown
87. Running out of breath after only sprinting for 5 seconds
88. Joining a match you just quit
89. Overused clan names (Pnus, JEWS, b00bs, KKK, etc.)
90. Rubber knife
91. Homing knife
92. Enemies that just. Won't. Fucking. Die.
93. Enemies spawning behind me
94. Spawning in front of the enemy
95. Countdown
96. Getting stuck in doorways
97. Teammates blocking doorways
98. Grenades bouncing off of the smallest of somethings
99. Khaled Al-Asad having the same character model as OpFor snipers
100. Players that bitch about this game



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MP-44 shit you stupid

MP-44 es una mierda tu estas loco


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Im sad

COD4 rules and its not hard i beat veteran sure i do that stuff grenades just deal with it dont hav to make a hate video

MoozipanCheese responds:

It's not a hate video. It's a satirical video made to highlight the stupidity of people who complain about the most trivial of things by exaggerating them. If you read the description/noticed point 100 you'd understand that it was just a bit of fun. So you pretty much walked into my trap and proved your ignorance by yourself.

Good job. :)


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I am sorry to say this sucked. I figured it would be good but there was only a few things that I found true. Some of the stuff you complained about was stupid. Why complain about the perks? It makes the game more fun having multiple options. Also just because you are not good with a gun does not make it bad. Recoil on an ak is real, have you ever shot one? One shot and your dead on veteran is for one not true, and when it does happen once in a while it still makes sense. It is the hardest level of playing on the game. That means its not going to be easy but it is not impossible. Some of the things you stated were funny and true but other than that is was garbage. Please do not make one for Cod:mw2

MoozipanCheese responds:

Well, I'd tell you to check out the one I made a year after this, on Call of Duty: World at War, since (I think) it's much better. By the way, these aren't things I hate, they're ideas taken from the community. In any case, I respect your ill-informed opinion.



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well hey wats ur XBOX LIVE account???

tell me urs... mine is dEaThOnHyDrOs64 im 2nd prestige not going 2 prestige and wats urs i private matce u and well c whos better....send me a pm ov ur account name ill be on psu but if u send me a pm ill add u 2 my friends u accept and well battle

MoozipanCheese responds:

Mine's Moozipan Cheese. Feel free to send me a request, or I'll send you one next time I'm online.


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You're Wrong!

It's not as if WE hate Call Of Duty. Anway, about number two, veteran difficulty thing; there are other difficulties, and it makes it seem more realistic too. About Number 35; you should be able to shoot the hostage, after all, you could the shoot him/her in real life too! 75; Yes you did. That's kind of fun, in my opinion. 72; It's not Call Of Duty's fault, it's the campers fault! 92; If you online, that understandable, they are just better than you. If you are offline, practice more, many people have completed the game! 96; AGAIN, it's not Call Of Duty's fault! 97; AGAUN, It's not Call Of Duty's Fault! 100; You just thrown that one in to make 100 hundred. 21; Makes it more realistic.
I could pick holes in every single one of you things you hate about Call Of Duty, but I'm not going to.