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May 12, 2008 | 2:23 AM EDT
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The zombie horde are unrelenting, insatiable. The only chance to survive is to make it to Union City in 40 days, before the evacuations end.

Move from town to town collecting all you can carry and defend yourself through the night.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's the same game, but better!

Some might say it is too similar to The Last Stand (1), but I liked that one and this is one is its improved version. Great idea on keeping the same guy with the same story. I could almost sense the despair of the survivors through the music and ambiance.

The first time a zombie killed one of my survivors I could only stare and then went berserk. That.Was.Awesome. I didn't expect something like that happening. Kudos.

My only complain would be that it seems you CAN'T lose survivors while searching for supplies and weapons, at least I never lost them that way.

There also seems to be some sort of bug where if I reload and try to shoot at the moment the reloading animation begins, it would get stuck and I couldn't shoot anymore (I got out of this by going to the menu and resuming). That happened a couple of times, but it could be because I'm on a laptop.

Overall, awesome game. Might not win any awards for originality (those go to the first iteration of this series), but still goes to the top of my favorites.

Now for some mild spoilers...

Weapons you can find on the different cities (list might be incomplete):

GLENDALE (Starting Area)
- .357 Revolver (Great power, slow reload)
- Chainsaw (Great if zombies are pounding on yourbarricade)
- Bear traps, gas cylinders.

- Compound Bow (Awesome weapon - powerful, accurate, fast reload)
- Shotgun (Good power but spreads a bit, slow reload)
- Bear traps, gas cyliners

- UMP45 (Nice clip size, accurate, medium power, medium reload)
- UZI (Inaccurate, medium power, medium reload)
- Bear traps, gas cylinders

- Hunting Rifle (Great power and accuracy, v.slow reload)
- Sawn-off Shotgun (Only 2 shots, powerful, medium reload)
- Bear traps, land mines

- AK47 (Inaccurate, powerful, large clip, medium reload)
- M4A1 (Same as AK47 but more accurate)
- Grenades (Hard to use, but very powerful, AoE)
- Bear traps, Gas cylinders, Land Mines

FORT TRAN (Available through Armor Games)
- M249 Minimi (Go Rambo w/this! Huge clip, powerful, innaccurate, slow reload)
- RPG (Rocket Launcher. Enough said)
- Bear traps, Land Mines

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


6 days to get to Union City and only 4 days left.

So needless to say, I didnt make it.

Exciting and fun though.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


its great! u did an awsome job in making a sequel! anywayz, just putting up some friendly tips:
1. once you get the chainsaw, u should always equip it to ur seoncdary weopen, it will save your butt from utter destruction in important times.
2. make finding ur suriviors and getting weopens ur proirty, only repair ur barricade if ur rlly low on hp.
3. don't attack once you see the first few zombies, there will be a running zombie or dog soon afterward, so be sure to target those from the non-weapon wielding zombies first.
4. NO matter WHAT, kill the weapon wielding zombies first if you can [if no one is blocking you] bc the remaining surivivors you have are crucial in surviving the onslaught of zombies.
5. If there are fatties are on the front of ur barricade, use the chainsaw [read tip one] to kill them, not ur gun, bc u will need to use it to get rid of the zombies that mite get close to ur barricade while ur busy.
6. try to use ur traps in the two middle spots of the field, and on all the way in the far right and far left of the field. (middle two squares are the squares where they do not touch any side of the field and far left and right squares are where the zombies enter, and where the middle part of ur barricade are)
7. *spoiler discussing new weapon*

You COULD use the compound bow to fight zombies since its reload time is extremely fast and its accuracy is rlly good too, but it wont take down fatties and soldiers fast enough and soon ur barricade will be domilished
8. u SHOULD keep all of ur survivors alive, and keep at least 2 survivors at hand if you cant mantain a handful of them, with good weapons, bc once you enter big cities, or in big trouble, those 2 survivors will come in handy.
9. I suggest [you dont have to, dont worry] you carry aound the silver handgun [not sure whats it called, sorry] that you get to be your first weapon for a time being since your first startign out bc its better than the normal handgun you have, and you can perform multiple headshots if u aim correctly, even if there at the other end of the screen.
10. If your really uneasy hearing the music playing while your playing the game, turn it off, it certainly wont ruin your experience!
11. LAST TIP: Make sure once you have gotten a good start into the game, that you get a good enough weapon to defeat soldiers, bc soldiers with weapons like machetes come at times and without a good enough weapon, ur screwed!
well, you dont have to follow these tips, just trying to help for any beginners out there, and, as always, GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Armor game is good for mass killing.

ANYWAY. You have created one of the best games for flash and the sequle is equally great. This is only your second game so I don't know how your gonna top it. So time to work on some more games!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I put out 1035 zombies in 35 days! On my first try! Here's some advice:

1. Aim for the head or legs.
2. Take out any fast zombies ASAP. Then worry about heavily armored ones.
3. Use any weapons with high firing rates and a lot of ammo(my favorite: the Uzi)

Please make more games like this!