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The Last Stand 2

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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May 12, 2008 | 2:23 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged May 12, 2008
  • Weekly Users' Choice May 14, 2008
  • Daily Feature May 13, 2008

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Author Comments

The zombie horde are unrelenting, insatiable. The only chance to survive is to make it to Union City in 40 days, before the evacuations end.

Move from town to town collecting all you can carry and defend yourself through the night.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


this sequel is 1000000% more difficult than the first one.. dang.. i died 7times.. i survived 28 days on my 6th try.. and i give up.. dude.. i suggest you give us some cheats or something.. it's really hard.. but the +side is.. it's very challenging.. good work.. >.<


Rated 3 / 5 stars

omg this is not eashy

man sorry em gif u 6 but its realy hard u first 1 was best em meen it make next time better pleas ok


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome sequal!

The first one was a sucess... This one's a wipeout!!!

It crashes my crappy computer, but I still play it! What's the ending like? lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

uber epic mega win

great sequel and truly deserves 1st place (for now at least). If your looking for ideas for number 3 (other than Sendal's which i would fully agree with) how about being able to go past the wall if/when it goes down? might give you a better chance especially if theres only two zombies left with 0 wall and night basically over.

Other than that, maybe the option to move on whenever you want so you can at least check the map and plan your route or just get the hell out of big city full of zombies.

Make your new friends (survivors) be able to wield the chainsaw, it would be a big help and make it much easier to juggle weapons if you didn't have to do the zombie-at-the-wall clearing yourself

Great game none-the-less though, i didn't even excpect 2 when the first came out so i greatly anticipate 3 :D

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A extraordinary defence game!

A great game. I loved the first part, and this was a pleasant sequal to this thrilling adventure!

But, as allways in my reviews, I have to critizize. I really liked the new style, and by that i mean travelling to other cities, searching for guns/supplys/survivors in building.. But the end was dumb. In the very last city (The one before Union), we have to fight for our lives like it was last level. I made it of course, and was ready to face the nightmare in Union City.

But no. I just got a cut scene where the main character says its over and stuff. Why not a terrefying challenge where you have to defend yourself against the wile hordes of zombies, that were once a rescue team of Soldiers?

A little disappointed about that, but thats life! Oh, since Im at it, heres a little list of what you could birng to next sequal!

* A minigun!
* A heck more Zombies!
* LARGER battlefield!
* More Survivors!
* Cars! (Escape from the running bastards!)
* Sounds from Half-Life 2!!!!!
* More effects! (BOOM! POW! YAAARGHAARRHHCHH!!!)
* Music! ( I recommend sound tracks from the Evil Dead movies, AND the game(s?))
* Zombies that doesnt disappear at the battleground when they die! (Did I mention that you should make it larger? See the Movie 28 days later!!! A good movie. You will get inspired by one specific scene where the group of soldiers defends the base from the RUNNING ONES!!!!.. I Get that clear, dont yah think?)
* Some freaking movie about the main person! What was he before the zombies came? What is his history?? TELL US!
* A lot more of the artillery! We get easily bored of the same old guns dude. Did I mention the Minigun? OH! And a FLAMETHROWER!.. And a pump shotgun. I want that.

And now I just got an idea! How about.. The Story continues, and our hero is on a boat, safe at last.. But it wouldnt last for long! A chilly night, zombiefied whales, sharks, gigantic manets attacks the ship, and it sinks. (Duh!)

He strangly dont drown, and lands at the shore, totally wasted. He is knocked out, and would be easily pwnd by Zombies if HARRY hadnt found him!

Harry, an old farmer, father of 3 sons, had survived by locking them selves up in their barn. Harry, which was going to fish for the day, found our Hero laying at the beach. Harry, which was a good hearted man, brought our Hero ( Does this guy have a NAME??) back to their little farm.

Our.. Hero.. joins the familys defence, and get to know that the zombies around the farm are much much more dangerous..

Wow! I must say i got imagination.. Maybe I should make a Zombie game?

Anyways, this was my ideas, and I hope you can use them in hopefully, the next chapter.

Thanks for creating such awesome game. Have a nice day.

Sincerely, yours


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