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May 1, 2008 | 8:59 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place May 2, 2008

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Author Comments

Update 04/09/09: A Four Swords Fan forum is now up and running. if you want to be a part of it, visit this link: http://fsmad.forumotion.c om/forum.htm

Reminder: I'm still using most of the same cast since episode 2 a few years ago. SpikeDaPenguin (the original VA for Red) was the only one who was completely replaced in the series.
Update 09/08: Spikedapenguin will no longer be apart of this series, it was his decision to leave and pursue other projects.

The cast may sound a bit different, that's because their personalities have been slightly tweaked for character development purposes.

For those criticizing the episode's humor, let me just remind you guys that I'm always trying something new in each episode and it's not easy to keep a story fresh. Whether you like the episode it or not, it all depends on what you think is funny. I'm aware that I can't please everyone...

Flash #23

Yes it's finally here. Ever since My PC died last year, I wasn't really sure if I was going to continue the story. My only option was to install flash in my dad's laptop and continue from there. My dad might not be fond of the idea, but I had no choice. It's the only computer I have at home now.

Anyway, this episode takes place where it left off in part 4, keeping continuity in this series. The Links are just beginning their side quest, but since Red is still drunk, due to the magic milk, someone has to stay behind and keep an eye on him. The Links decide to split into 2 groups and the plot develops from there

The following is the first of a 3 part story arc. Developing the 3-part script took me about 7 months to complete. Animating ep.5, however took me 5 months to complete. I might have over-stretched the episode (nearly 16 minutes long, including credits) but in my defense, the fans wanted more, so I'm giving them "more".I also had to use a different technique in this episode to fit everything in: tweens inside movie clips. It was the only way out of the 16k frame limit.

I also want to make a few things clear about my series:
1. This isn't an action story, it's a freakin comedy!
2. There's supposed to be dialogue in the script. Without it, there wouldn't be much of a story, now would it? This is to prevent the "Link doesn't talk" complaints from some Zelda fans.
3. Some parts may look a bit rushed in this episode. The reason: THE FANS WERE GETTING DESPERATE! (This goes for most of the youtubers).
4. I'm not revealing due dates for the next parts, so DON'T BOTHER ASKING! I explained this in one of my posts. I don't want to make false promises.
5. This was made as a response to the users who said part 4 was "too short"

Well, that's it for now. Special thanks to Ben Shortland fo letting me use one of his songs, and Rina-chan, Warchamp7,Hylian-Mafia and Jon Houser for their Voice Acting. I appreciate the help guys.

Also, thanks to rannma-kun7 for helping me with the Zelda sound effects.

Enjoy, vote fair and have fun. There will be more, but not for some time. I have a life too you know...



Rated 3 / 5 stars May 4, 2008


well,i was kind of surprise that none of the jokes really made any sence to me at all,all the other episodes "1-4" had some funny stuff i nit but thsi one kidn of made me not want to watch anymore of it after the irst 2 scenes


Rated 3 / 5 stars October 16, 2011

magik milk!!!!!

red should rape purple link with a metal pole!!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars December 25, 2008

i won't load

idk why but it stops loading for me at about 3/8.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars May 6, 2008

50%? good... i'll give you 50% too!

i wuss gonna give you a 10 but when i read the description saying with 50% nonsense, it made my mind change! Too bad the video was great ^_^ and funny.
I'll give it 50% thats why its 5 for YOU!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars May 7, 2008

Pretty ho-hum...

Meh; the production values for the visuals were okay, game sprites notwithstanding, but the script suffered from the same problem that shows up with most amateur filmmakers and screenwriters: the kitchen sink. It isn't uncommon; the writer can't bear to cut anything from the script they've been working on for ages, and they figure that hell, more is better, so they just go ahead and include everything they've written, often leaving the end result bloated, rambling, and ultimately pretty damn unfunny.

The scenes in this animation just dragged on, and the dialogue would have benefited considerably from being cut down and tightened up; the characters took three or four times as long as they should have to get to the punchlines (such as they were), like somebody butchering a well-known joke by forgetting how it goes halfway through telling it. In most scenes the characters were still spouting banal, humourless dialogue long after they should have moved on. Seriously, nearly sixteen minutes long, and the only parts that approached comedy (and I use that term loosely) were an 8-Bit Theater ripoff/homage and a running gag about "cock boys"? Ugh.

In conclusion - after the harshness - my suggestion to help improve your work would be, somewhat ironically, to put less into the next one - focus on quality over quantity. ^_^

You do get a point for using the theme music from the Tintin cartoon as the dramatic call-to-action music, though. ^_^

HadoukenDude responds:

Yes, I'm aware that the episode dragged a bit too long this time around. The reason for this were the little complaints for episode 4 saying that it was "too short". Now someone else comes out and says that this one is too long. Seriously, most users can't really make up their minds over what the want to see.

I made it this one longer thinking "more is better", I guess sometimes it's not always the case. I wanted to cram a lot of stuff in this one just to keep people distracted long enough so I can work on the next parts, without others asking for it so soon.

And about the cock jokes, I already had my fun with it, so I'm not going to continue dragging it. I'll find something else. I have other ideas that'll be put to good use in the following episodes. I'll even reintroduce another clip of the Tintin theme (To return to the scene where we left off).

Once I finish this story arc project I'll work on slightly shorter episodes.
Thanks for taking your time in writing your review.