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Apr 27, 2008 | 7:16 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 28, 2008

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Thanks so much for the Daily 1st!!
Woo Thanks for the Front Page!!

===This is a Serious Documentary so if you want to learn something then watch it===
==Don't review/rate it bad because it isn't funny or isn't action packed==

First, of all I am extremely happy, I won an award for Environment Excellence. Not sure if it is best film about the environment or best film in the category even though I was entered in the Documentary category, but anyways Woot.

My school recieved a grant from the PG & E to help improve my school's computer labs and stuff, but the deal was that we needed to create movies about energy efficiency. So I decided to make my movie about Hydroelectricity. This originally was suppose to be live-action, but I was lazy and my multimedia teacher(Mr. Cutts) told me to animate it because of how much time I wasted doing nothing in class. So I created this about 2 months ago and my teacher recently sent this into a film festival and I won in Environment Excellence.

3 Gorges(The Dam used throughout the movie) and Hydroelectric Diagram were both traced. Although I will take credit for coloring and animating them.

Why Wind Farm Suck is an Audio in this documentary about me ranting about how useless Wind Farms are if you are stuck in a dome.(Joke don't take seriously)

This is a Pro Documentary showing all the Pros in Hydroelectricity not the Cons.

++Wow, thanks for all the reviews even though some reviewed bad. I would respond to all, but I decided I would be repeating myself. If you really want me to answer then PM me.(Answer a Question not respond to your review)++




Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

More people need to know

It's pretty good and informative for those who know little about hydroelectric plants but there are a few drawbacks.

First, the best places for the dams is usually where there is already many people. So when the dam is built it floods land that people live on. It also can flood natural habitats for many endangered species. They can also affect the levels of the rivers that they dam in very positive or negative ways. They can help to keep flooding low but if there is a drought in the area where they are built they can cause very low river levels affecting those who live further down the river.

Overall though hydroelectric power is one of the cleanest and renewable sources available. Also responsible governments can do a lot to reduce the negatives.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Informative

But when it came to the diagram of the plant i kept seeing subliminal penises and ballsacks.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well-intentioned, poorly executed.

There's a lot of good general information here that's useful for a quick overview of what a hydroelectric dam is and how it works; I would recommend this without hesitation as an elementary school educational short or another similar purpose. As a final product, however, especially one that's supposed to be theoretically selling the technology to the world, it falls quite short. The visual style is inconsistent, with the impressive dam diagram and associated animations clashing against the simple vector cartoons, photographs, and effects (this is particularly obvious where you're talking about coal mining; the blurred, semitransparent fire, the coal picture, and the guy holding them look like they're from completely different cartoons). Your script also needs quite a bit of work, as well; every other sentence does not need to start with the words "so" or "now," and your transitional language, especially in the beginning ("furthermore, the water begins to flow" in context made my delicate English major ears hurt), leaves a lot to be desired. Your information is very superficial, as well, which is (as I said before) perfect for elementary education but lacking in additional explanation: "At the bottom of the turbine, there's a propellor" tells me just that, when what I as a viewer would really like to know is why there's a propellor on that turbine, "to turn it as water moves through," which would actually make your next statements flow more smoothly instead of making the sentence seem like it's just stuck in there for something else to show you did your homework. Other information was similarly too incomplete to be useful: countries 1-10 have the most potential power, which is calculated by combining potential power types A and B... so how is that measured? Again, a statement like "rivers, lakes etc. are all potentially sources of hydroelectric power" would make the rest of what you've said make sense. Even if your information is meant to be incomplete to make viewers curious and want to look more things up, there are ways to do that effectively as well, the simplest being to provide a link to a website (like, say, PG&E, the folks giving your school the money to let you make this, or any other good information site). Lastly, the music cuts out about 3/4 of the way through the film and your sound is very choppy, and you cut yourself off quite a bit, which has no reason to happen in Flash because you can control where you start putting your sound in.

As many negative things as I've said, it's quite refreshing to see something here that's intended for education rather than entertainment; your heart's definitely in the right place. My problem with your animation is that it' executed too poorly to give others the idea that something like this can be done and still be well done, an idea that Newgrounds desperately needs.

You have plenty of room for improvement; make use of it. I hope to see more animation out of you in the future.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


GOOD: It's refreshing to find educational flash on Newgrounds. I love documentries on the supernatural, problems of today's society, History and enviromentalism. I learned a few new things about renewable energy and the possibilities of power from waterflow. The graphics were simple enough for the flash and the music was fine enough to suit the documentry.

BAD: A little biased and some parts of the sounds seemed a little choppy.

IMPROVE: I would include the negatives so there can be opinions made by people watching this flash that isn't biased because no action can be performed without consequences.

OVERALL: A good job at a flash that Tom approves of with his dreams of this site doing wonders to improve today's world. I learn how Dams work and how they produce electricity and other benefeits I did not think about in the past. Very good and informative for people who want to learn about some enviromentalism. Good luck on the film festival!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I thought it was pretty interesting and relatively informative. The voice-overs were good, even if the recording was sub-par. All in all a good film.