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Apr 20, 2008 | 11:31 AM EDT

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Hey guys Just organizing my Pokemon LAANP series. Theirs so many different versions like some that were cut down for NewGrounds "10 MBs" rule, some with improved quality, and some made for YouTube or Google video so lets get all the versions strait for those of you that are confused.


Pokemon LAANP2 High Quality Full (18.5 MBs) (BEST RECOMMENDED)
-DeviantArt: http://chrisklassen.devia NP2-High-Qlty-Full-985307 61


Pokemon LAANP2 (2 Part peices 9.9/9.7 MBs each)
Part1: /portal/view/444098
Part2: /portal/view/444099

Pokemon LAANP Ep2 (Low Quality Uncut) (6.7 MBs (lowered framerate))
-NewGrounds: /portal/view/444797
-YouTube: tch?v=HhsWpOzwN7k

-Google Ipod/Psp Download: ideoplay?docid=6549945030 915728259

You can also download other animations of mine on Google: eo/upload/Status

Original LAANP2 comments:
So Im headed to a city called cerulean to challange a gym leader named misty, she uses a staryu and starmie so i thought id set out to search for a electric type for the first match then use my squirtle! pretty good idea no? so then i cam across this raichu who was stealing food from some young pikachu, so i challanged him. Me and squirtle were at a disadvantage and it seems this raichu had battle before because he was able to absorb electricity from a telephone line! But squirtle blew out the line by hitting the power box and knocked raichu clean out.
About the Animation:
Well, after about 2 months ive finally completed LAANP2 :DD
Man i thought that NG would let me uplaod it in one peice cause i seen stuff over 10mb before but oh well :C Anyways.. LAANP stands for "Live Action Animation Non-Parody" meaning its got live action video footage and pictures, and that its not makeing fun of pokemon. why do this you ask? Because at one point Pokemon was a great series, Im not much of a fan of the new games and the current anime is one of if not the worse show ive ever seen. I hope that if you liked pokemon at one point that you can look at this and remember how good it was and why you liked it. I grew up with pokemon and for some reson i cant let it go.. I started playing when i was about 6 and now im 16 so i dont think ill ever stop likeing it XD this was animated on Adobe Flash CS3

Original LAANP comments:
Yaaayyyeehh its finally done X3
this is my most epic live action flash yet..
so many camera angles D:
i must say i am most pleased with the outcome..
and my newly caught piggeotto :3
yeah and this things like 8 mb because of all the movie files..
soreh >>
but ive seen worse on newgrounds so..
so yeah..
if you trying to decide to wait for the load time or not,
"Pokemon LAANP" means "Pokemon Live-Action Animation Non-Parody"
meaning it contains live action video fotage along with flash animation.
non-parody means it is NOT makeing fun of pokemon but promoteing it.
i think the internet needs soemthing for the real pokemon fans out there..
and this was made to simulate a pokemon battle as if it were real..
not based on game rules..

one more things, if you hate pokemon with a burning passion please try and refrain yourself from killing me XD
im aware ive made myself look like an idiot..
and i enjoyed doing so ;D

Original Pokemon characters belong to nintendo not me.
Amazing Pokemon theme orchestra by ChEsDeRmAn of Newgrounds



Rated 1 / 5 stars

soo......fake!!!! i could see it u could see it everyone could see it the least u could do was make it real man! damn..........animation...under LAME!!!!!! ur luck im givin u 1 star man


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i liked it

1 of the post said you can't catch a pokemon if its knocked out well don'y lisen to him because you can in the show but sadly not in the game.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


cool i want to be in this video XD


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice work man


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