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Comedy - Original

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Apr 15, 2008 | 4:23 PM EDT

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Author Comments

(Ok this is my definitely my final edit.. its getting really long)

The pig head that flashes at the beginning of the movie is indeed a pig head.. but not just any pig head, it's the Regenerating Jiggly Pig of Doom that I got from Korea. tch?v=6b1kZ4OT3QU



(Edit Part 2! The Sequal!)

D: Wow.. Pizza made it to the front page! This is making me immensily happy. Though this may sound a bit repetetive... but... Thank you very much to everyone who have contributed to making this possible. Thank you very much for your support, everyone at newgrounds! :D


I apologies for the lack of a real definite ending. Before people start to ask me about exactly why the ending was so arupt and off-putting I want to explain myself.

During the competition, the actual due date for the competition was supposed to be Febuary 9th but the thing was that I was running a bit late. It as taking much longer to animate then I thought. So I scrambled to animate as best as I can while trying to retain the high-quality standard I set for myself. When it has become apprent that it was getting too late, I had to think up of an ending.. fast. So I did the freeze frame sequence ending... to convey the idea that he did infact fell and died. D: (what a tragedy)

But ever since I created that ending I had that weird feeling in my guts that I should have come up with a better ending... so I guess ths point is that I might make a few alternate ending or whatnot but... who knows? And also I'll try to include a definite (heck I'll try to make it a good ending) for my next animation.

Well that's it... No to stop editing this thing so much and adding WAAAAY too any words. Thanks again everyone for your nearly perpetual support and positive feed back! :D

(and now for the actual info about the video.)

Another one of my animations with a moral on the end. And yes it also features the purple dude again. Except this time. It's about a slice of Pizza tied to a string...

This animation was made for a competition that had to involve the theme of Pizza about two monthes ago. And I entered this entry a bit lte so that's why there's the Special Thanks there at the end.

I think I got the running/ walking thing down for this animation. This is what I was testing with this animation in which got me the second place on this competition. Also there's a bonus throughout the flash. Can you find it?

Oh and this video was used to test out different camera angles in between movements.. hopefully that worked wel...

I also thin I got the encoding thing pretty mcuh down so Nwo I just have to learn how to add effects and transitions for my future animations that will be submitted to this place.

Anyways enjoy the Pizza related animation. :D

and to let you guys know. This video is on youtube under my account name, faceofdoomness. So if you really want to see the video is somewhat higher quality.... (but a smaller picture size) check it out.

Link to the video:

Link to my youtube channel: ceofdoomness

Anyways.. thanks again everyone! :D

-: Music :-
A Song from Worms World Party
Ziguenerweisen Op. 20 Allegro Molto Vivace composed by Pablo de Sarasate
Piano Lessons by Porcupine Tree (for the credits)




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This was a good animation. i don't care what the other people say, some things like clay-animation are hard to do. I have my personal experiences with clay-animation its fun.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You are a poor mans Knox.

Pritty lame attempt of trying to make a funny claymation. This was basicly a coppy of anything by Knox except you put heads on ur guys. To any one reading this watch some of knox's stuff. Its alot better.

faceofdoomness responds:

ell thank you very much for completely destroying my self confdence by giving this hard worked on animation a not so good score. Knox, as good his stuff may seem, they probably did not take that long to make. This video took about a total of good 12 hours of work here and many sleepless nights. Besides, there IS a distiction between my style and knoxs style. His style incorporates more of a storyline claymtion with not so much movement but with some funny audio and voice work, my style is telling a story with out using dialogue and using music to convey the feeling of the anmation. (though I have used some dialogues before...) Thanks you made me lose self confidence points with your ignorance.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

funny and somewhat usefull in a dumb way

greta use of clay animation or whatever you used.....even the pizza was on....but try to make one longer next time keep the morals lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars


is all i have to say :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Yeah, it was a cute little story, good use of claymation too. I especially liked the protagonist's eyebrow movements, that was a nice touch. As for the pig head thing that appears briefly near the beginning of the video, what exactly was that?

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