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Best Friends Forever(Old)

rated 4.02 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Apr 9, 2008 | 8:46 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Thanks Tom, front page is pretty sweet :/

Obviously people were offended by me telling them they are idiots for not reading clearly labeled levels that told you exactly what to do, so I am sorry that you unfairly reviewed my game just to get help.

There is no menu bug it was a border, just to make it more colorful

Lots of people couldn't beat level 11 so it has been removed from the game, you will have to restart your games, but this way people can beat the game.

This game is not a rip off of any other game, this game has been in the process for over a month which is longer than the EXP had been working on his game Scorechanites which is similar in some ways but he nor us knew anyone else was working on the idea at this point, so please do not make comments about us ripping anyone off, we do not mean to say that the EXP stole our idea, we both came up with the same idea somehow.

This game has been in the makings for over a month now, and is finally complete this is the biggest project we have done together so please, enjoy the game and try to beat it. We are entirely glad to hear your honest thoughts about our new game, for the first few days I (Decade) will be responding to most of the reviews.

This game was created to be a puzzler so please, ask for help in your reviews and we will be happy to give our assistance. Oh and most importantly, have fun!

Another edit-10 more levels

Animated by Decade
Coded By Skiek Sprite



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good but repetitive

This a good game using three people instead of one the, buddies system is cool and fun.

Graphics.7/10 I did think this looked good the menu ,and little buddies are good. Although there are tiny and indentical ,so it make it hard to know ,which is which. The look is much the same throughout, the levels so the scenery is very similiar.

Sound. 6/10 The music is good at first the use of it is fun, to begin with. Choosing the budddies is good. The failure botton is very annoying after a while, it repeats itself. The same goes for the music it does not change, and no option to turn it off. Means you forced to hear it over and over again. Although the tune is good.
The game is very addtive once you get the hang of the controls. The use of finding ways to clear the level, is very fun. Having friends is good as you, can help each other. The solutions are quite easy at first. Its a matter of holding down buttons ,and using ladders etc. Being able to save your game automatically, is wicked. As well as not having, to begin again.

The main probelm is the controls are easy, but i found holding down shift to change chaarcter is annoying. As often i got the wrong one. They are all the same looking meaning, i often choose the same one ,and had to start again. Making them look diffrent would have helped vastely. The game got repetitve after a while as it was much the ,same. Having to keep changing over to another person, got old fast. The jump buton was confuisng ,as it was odd pressing Z. More options and diffrent goals would have helped, keep this from geing dull.

Ovreal a fun game spoiled, by repetion a shame really.

review request club.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Work

This is a pretty good game, although one thing I would really suggest with this game is that you find a diffrent jump or switch button because I kept finding myself acidently pressing shift instead of z which made things a little slow. Although there wasn't really anything to worry about time wise which was good to see in this game, some have timers and I find that annoying.

The graphics here where pretty good and the music was decent too, I don't remember there being any sound effects when I was playing this though, I would suggest having those in for fun. The graphics here are decent and look good to me, the animation of everything is also pretty nice, so overall, very good work on this game.



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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool game!

Animation / Graphics - Great animation and drawing here. I felt that the drawing of the characters, objects, backgrounds, colors, etc.. were all done very well. I also found that the animation was very smooth. I didn't notice any flaw in the animation at all.

Story - A pretty good idea for a game. I've seen quite a few of these games in my life, so there is a little bit of an originality issue, but you still made it very good. I even remember playing games like this years back with a game with fleas instead of men that you used. I do find the title a bit awkward though.

Audio - You had a pretty good choice of audio for this submission. Also, the addition of the winning sound after you accomplished a level was a nice addition.

Overall, a pretty fun game that you did a really good job at.


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Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good artwork, good game and I loved the song that was playing.

Excellent effort.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

really sweet

This actually made me smile a lot