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D'sova RPG

rated 3.55 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Apr 2, 2008 | 5:30 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is something of an experiment for me but I hope that with your help we can make the best of it.

This is my latest creation and it is not quite finished. I would like to open this work up to public and let it grow and expand based on the feedback of the players, what you like what you hate and what you want to see added. With your help we can see just how good this game can become.

Special thanks to David for his awesome music!

Please hit the "Learn More" button or go to for more information.

Thank you.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

D'sova RPG is a game where you float around and explore. The graphics are nice, especially for when this game was created. Controls are okay, but something you get snagged on a wall. It was a bad idea to not have everything in this game. Most players are not going to go to another website, they would rather just pick a different completed game.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I see some serious design flaws here.

1. The walls.

The clumsy wall interaction, that sends you back to your last position, regardless of the angle you hit the wall at. Instead of that, I should be repelled. As in, send me back in only the opposite direction of the wall, suitable to cancel out movement, but not reverse it. Ideally, this should be implemented in a way that if I'm hitting a vertical wall diagonally, I will slide up the wall while being prevented from moving through it to the left.

That's worth a half-star

2. Outsourcing resources that are essential to the game on another website.

I cannot believe someone would have the audacity to do this. The game should be self-contained. If the game is on Newgrounds, then the updates and map (and other possible resources) should be hosted on...oh I dunno, how about Newgrounds! Inside the flash game, not on some obscure website that you partnered up with. The reason why becomes apparent when the site doesn't pay their bills, loses their domain, and the domain gets parked. Basically, you have succeeded in breaking your own game with your lack of foresight.

This is severe, and is worth two whole stars.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Alien Love Serum?!?! After the events were over Crudus and Croci had 1,000,000,000 tiny alien-babies and she enjoyed it everyday for the rest of her life~ and was smiling everyday and impregnated even upon death.~ Happily Ever After!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have finally re-found it and finished it~ After returning to it after all these years~ >w< The final battle was alittle struggle. Even though the amounts of "random" (or every two second-) encounter was just somewhat of a drag, it was pretty crucial for the final battle (I fought every single battle and the final battle was still alittle of a struggle to get through, but I did so in one shot using all the money I collected through the whole game to get lrg. Magic Potions and a few Awesome Blooms. So, I am 100% sure if you flee random encounters or try to avoid them, you do not have any chance at finishing the final boss). But, if you fight every single random encounter, you can go through the whole game in one shot without worrying too much. It just takes time~ ;)
I love this game back when I first played but couldn't finish the final boss years back and I still love this game~ Overall, even though it's been awhile, this is still a pretty good game with a huge potential in a beautiful story as well as a very well flash based RPG system~ I would really love to see a series because the story set up, overall environment and characters are really well.
I love the character arts such as Crudus, she and they are really well drawn~ On the other hand, alittle more variation to the stage art would help out~ The overhead view works perfectly. In all, even though once again, I know it's been awhile, I hope this story continues because it's already has a wonderful set up. Just my opinion~ ^^

Other notes:
- Your attacks (such as Void Shot) does increase in damage later as you level, but subtly
- There are a large amount of items to collect on the stage(s), so it is recommended to use your items as they can and will be quickly replenished. But more so, if you collect any item(s) while your inventory is full, they will be deleted on obtaining.
- As an extension note to the previous, since there is an abundance of items and (if fighting consistently) the random encounter enemies pose very little threat, it is recommended to save your money for the final battle, as buying items is unnecessary prior to then.
- On the map, which is pretty easy to use, there are alittle amount of accuracy errors, in terms of portal depictions and game stage/map stage orientation. But it occurs at specific areas, specifically on the last stage (green stage).
There is only one game stage/ map stage orientation error, which is when you first the green stage (which there are only two portals you can go into, directly left or right), if you enter the right portal, according to the map it's an exact replica but flipped area of the left portal. Instead, the ingame stage is just an exact replica of the left portal meaning you will do the same area twice. This can get confusing if you try to use your map to navigate the area.
The portal depiction errors are also specific to just the last stage (green stage), except you "encounter" them later (You don't actually 'encounter' them because they don't exist). When you enter the second to the final rooms, where it's just a straight path north and you fight the series of boss fights, there is portals on the side depicted on the map which does not appear ingame, before or after you cleared the area. This means that there is no save or heal point once you enter, so you better be prepared at this point. There is a merchant at every area, so this is where your money will start to come in to light.
- Lastly, have fun~ It's an amazing game with a wonderful atmosphere~ ^^

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice colors and storyline

A lot more mouse-usage than I'd prefer, especially in the first encounter. "Apos" was more my style of gameplay. I guess it's just a matter of preference, though.

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