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Mar 22, 2008 | 4:46 PM EDT

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Every time I drop my delicious piece of toast, lovingly spread with peanut butter, it lands face-down on the floor. The toast is dirty, the floor has peanut butter on it, and I become very sad :C



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HAHHAhaHAhahaHAHAHA WTF and is true! is juste fucking true XD HAhaHAH

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Great movie but...

The only reason toast falls butter side down is because it does that kind of flip. Whether there's butter on it or if it's just plain bread, it will always do a 180/540 degree flip. (I can't remember which one) This is because you are knocking it off a table, so it's going to tilt, and gravity takes the opportunity to flip it over. If you double the height of your table it'll land butter side up, trust me. Anyway, cool flash.

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Ansel responds:

I'll just move into a house that's twice as big.


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that happens to me all the time dude!

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This reminds me of the picture of why buttered bread always lands on the buttered-side and cats (almost) always land on their feet. Tie the bread butter-side up on the cat's back and throw them from a certain height and the two forces negate each other!

False, but funny physics law. =P

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Beautiful, and sad at the same time good job.

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