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Riddle School 3

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Mar 16, 2008 | 6:21 PM EDT

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Hey, everyone. I've changed my online username. I am no longer JonBro, and I won't be continuing anything that was made with the JonBro name. If you want to see an archive of my older work as well as what I'm up to now, you can find out here:
Riddle School 3
(Note: If you can't combine items, try the version on my site)

The biggest, hardest, and best Riddle School of the three! Help Phil escape from the high school using all of your point-and-click adventure game knowledge. Post your time when you finally beat it! (The game has a hidden timer)

Well, it's finally submitted... a full year after the second one. I built up the motivation to finish this about three months ago, actually. I've been working hard on the game since then, planning, programming, and animating. It's been really fun, and I hope you enjoy the game!

Riddle School 4:

July 10, 2008 - Woah. After four months, my game reached the front page. That was REALLY unexpected! Thanks, Tom!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Took me almost an hour.
Riddle school is awesome

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'm not really good at these kinds of games. I usually get past one puzzle just to get stuck on another and have to consult the guide. This game was a bit different, in a couple ways (both good and bad):
1.It's easier, even though it has those "stuck" points that every adventure/puzzle game has
2.There are no save files

Let me express that this game is much easier than most of the adventure/puzzle games i've played. Although i still just randomly clicking at objects, it actually got me somewhere this time. Soon i had the gum and the ruler and all that was left was to decide what to do with them. After about ten seconds, i had the rubber band and was on a streak.

Everything is very obvious in this game IMO. When you find something, you know exactly what to do with it. Some people who love adventure/puzzle games don't like this and prefer a challenge, but to me, a person that isn't that great at them, it's a nice change of pace. A good example of this is the code "blabbles". You know it's going to be in 1337, and you're obviously going to type it in 1337.
At the same time, though, it's a bad example, because that's not the whole picture.

This is the "stuck point" i was talking about. Even though it was obvious it had to be typed in 1337, i had to type it in reverse too. Now why would i have to do THAT, i asked myself. Being used to the game's obviousness, I came up with nothing. Was there something i missed? No way, i thought. I had gone to every room, a bad trait of mine. (I actually explored all the options in the teacher's lounge before going upstairs, just to be sure i wasn't missing anything).

And here we come to the biggest problem, THERE IS NO SAVE FILE. Because the lock never accepted my answer, "81088135", I closed the game and decided to come back to it later. OOPS, big mistake on my part. The save files are taken out and replaced with a timer. Yay, i have to do everything in one sitting instead of just taking my time to do want i want.

Other than that, the graphics, sound, animation, and general gameplay are all great. I also liked the cutscenes and dialouge, both were well executed and well-written. Overall, this game is a great sequel to a sequel. 4/5, 8/10.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

7 minutes, 15 seconds. my time.

Gr8 game, and i loved the fact how unattentive the teachers are. they barely question why you're out in the hall. And the last thing i expected to hear the algebra teacher say was "i h8 monkeys". Can't wait till 4.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good game

Well put together, Smart and strategic the way it should be.

Btw time is 5:47 best time.. any takers?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


erm, it might be only for macs, but whenever i click to drag the ruler onto the chewing gum...IT JUST FLASHES AND DOESNT WORK :(
when i click on it there is a white flash in th shape of the item where i clicked, and i cant drag it -.-

I know its a good game but not kewl for me :(

JonBro responds:

That's part of the Mac glitch. I cannot fix it =(