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Goat Trip

rated 4.16 / 5 stars
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Mar 12, 2008 | 7:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I recently worked on a movie with the VadFlaaten twins.
Trying to keep with a similar style they had used, I produced this goofy goat.
As soon as I saw him I thought, "How can this goat not have his own movie?!"

I wasn't sure what to do at first, but my brother actually came up with the basic idea, and I went from there.
So now I've been working on this in my spare time for just over 2 weeks.
I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

I left some special credits at the end of the movie (for those of you who I mention)

Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass) - Tenacious D



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


There's certainly some scope for variation with this 'alternatively abstract flash'. I quite like the way that you get various breaks in the scenes, but I feel that the best way to get the impact there would have been to change the tune slightly.

The graphics are a little cartoony for my liking, but I can live with them - especially the way that you flash it into what the goat is really up to, as it's either good experience, or it's good research :P

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Noodle responds:

The cartoony feel isnt for eveyone. I feel the same way about other popular flashes. You just have to really enjoy what you see, and that's just now always the case.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh my god O_O

i think goat trip might be the best damn thing on the whole planet. your brother is right to love the goat and he is very very very imaginative [i think he thought it up in school]lolololololololololol

Noodle responds:

I'll have to show this review to my brother :D
He'll definately appreciate hearing it.

I originally drew the goat. He laughed just looking at it.
We were sitting, watching TV when he proposed I make a movie featuring him. I said he could make the idea, and that was the first one he pitched.

Let you in on a secret. I told him he can have the honors of planning the next one too. But I'm waiting for him to, in his words, "perfect the story"


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is is an extremely random flash, and sometimes randomness can just turn into stupidness whithout a drop of humor in it, but you have pulled it off. I laughed at this flash alot, and i instantly added it to my favorite flashes. You should really make more flashes with the goat in it as he's hilarious.

Graphically it was a very simple flash, but the simpleness made it effective and funny. If it was more detailed or realistic it wouldnt have the same effect to the viewers. The abstract backrounds and normal backrounds all looked very good, especially the abstract ones, very trippy. Theres not much you can dore graphically to make this a better flash, fantasic.
The animation was very smooth and fitted the whole simple style of the movie, there wasnt much figure animation as alot of the cahracters, only thier legs move, but you dont seem to notice it while watching the movie as your too busy laughing your ass off. ;D

This movie i didnt know what to expect, would it be funny, serious, stupid? But this made me laugh more than flashes i expected to be funny, just the whole idea of a goat eating a mushroom and basically tripping out is hilarious. Not to mention when you showed whats actually happening in real life while he's tripping, side splitting. ;P

The music for the movie fitted perfectly with the whole idea behind it, getting high and freaking out basically. You couldnt of picked a better track as Tenacious D were perfect for this flash. SOund effects like the screaming and the goat jumping up and down on the bin were perfectly added. Nice work.

Overall i think this was a brilliant movie and i really hope you make more in the style of this. Absolutely brilliant. :D

Graphics: 9
Animation: 9
Sound: 10

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Noodle responds:

Thanks for the great review, and place on your favorite :D
Glad you enjoyed it so much.
Simplisity is key to this movie. Too much, and it would have been distracting.
Props for the wonderful review


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I bet u got the idea from Tenacious D but it was a god animated movie.

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Noodle responds:

I have said that the idea of showing reality was from Tenacious D. That's why I used there song too. It kinda pays tribute to them that way.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Strange but funny

A strange, but funny movie.

The humor is obviously well done, i like the mario part most of all.

The idea is original, i didn't see stuff like this bedore, so it is full of originality.

The sound is good, a well choosed music and everything was smooth, the strange boy laugh, reminds on character.

The graphics of the characters are simple and nothing special, but the background is well worked, especially the flashy purple blue background part.

You have a few cons i already said, the character design and other even smaller.

In general it was good, original, with smooth sound and background, but still needs work on characters. That is why 9

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Noodle responds:

Thanks for the review.
The boy's laugh was Nelson from the Simpsons.

The character were made to be simple. I wanted to imitate a MarcyVF style. It was a style I've always found pleasantly simple.
But for my next movie I'll definately explore new things.