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rated 4.25 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Mar 11, 2008 | 7:04 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place March 12, 2008

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Author Comments

EDIT: I just realized this game never made it to collection! Could you guys please submit it to Shooters or something? Thanks :D

*Be sure to go to OPTIONS page before playing to CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS*

**Music can be changed via pause menu using the DDSP**

This version has NO HIGH SCORES. For high score version visit

Several months since I first started it, after months of delays, it's finally completed. Featuring old school graphics, fast-paced game play and great music from the NG Audio Portal, -RetroSplode- is my proudest solo work.

Art/Coding by Donutmaster
Sponsored by MoFunZone



Rated 5 / 5 stars

hooray for free games!

i rate this a 10 because i dont own a 360, and therefore love geometry wars themed games! anything retro really. but Quagland3000 needs to shut the hell up and enjoy a damn game once in a while like the rest of us, just because someone makes a game similar to another doesn't mean it didn't take time and effort to make it. god i hate trolls like that, anyway i love this game, and if this version had a high score mode, id play all night long~ and by the way quag, id love to see you try to make a game and not be told its similar to anything else in all of the whole world, seriously a lot of ideas have been used, you cant be completely original about everything anymore... unless you find some of those "wtf?" themed things...

DonutMaster responds:

Glad you liked it!

Yes, the game is heavily influenced by Geometry Wars. I've only played the Xbox version once or twice, but I own the PC version. I loves it! I wanted it to have powerups and bosses though; and back before I made this I needed an idea for a game. Sos I figured why not make a game with similar game play but with the things I want thrown in. A year or so later and tada! -Retrosplode-

Through the development I really wanted it to be like Geometry Wars though, thats why that terrible "Dynamic Grid" background is in there. Maybe today I could get it to act more like the Geometry Wars one, but in this game its kind of a sucky rushed imitation. I hates it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

super special awesome

its fantastic, my score is 1385500 with 20 lives!!!! i'm serious, its not that i won't play anymore, i cant, besides, it doesnt save on this site, so in the end its all a waste,
anyway, good job, plz make more!!!

DonutMaster responds:

Not saving on this site is kind of a bummer, but all you gotta do is click on one of the links in game and you'll head over to MoFunZone where you can play with highscores!

Anyways, nice score :D To be perfectly honest, I'm pretty terrible at -RetroSplode-....


Rated 5 / 5 stars

OK game, AWESOME music choice.

Well, when I first started playing, I was underwhelmed and unimpressed. The gameplay was stable, but it reeked of Geometry Wars.

...Then I switched the song to "Runaway" by DaGrahamCracka, my absolute favorite song on this fine website. Suddenly, the game was much more appealing, and I enjoyed myself very much. That song is just so fucking awesome.

DonutMaster responds:

Yup yup, reeking of Geometry Wars it should. Inspired/influenced by it of course.

Glad the music choice changed your opinion of the game though. I always find myself having trouble picking music for the games I make/wanna make. Thus the DDSP was born. I still felt obligated to put a "theme" song or two in. So I picked the main theme and then threw in my favorite song and my intro song, "{Runaway}" :D


Rated 2 / 5 stars


This Is a Ripoff version of GeometryWars On XBOX 360 Same enimies-(Example:Green enemy that dodges yours is a circle thiers is a diamond but you probably know that you Frickin Bootlegger!!!)
Im sure somebody wrote the same thing but I'm not goin to search the damn reviews! ohwell Good Game But Used Concept!

DonutMaster responds:

Shush! Lets just keep this between you and me, 'aight? You scratch my back by not telling anyone, and maybe there's something I could do for you in return. I have donuts. Do you like donuts, Quagland? I could give you donuts; endless donuts, for nothing; nothing at all. All you have to do is not tell anybody. We got ourselves a deal? :D

Glad you thought the game was good at the end at least, but yes it is indeed a "Used Concept" :(


Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMFG!!! :D

Nice song!!! :D

DonutMaster responds:

Don't gotta tell me! I picked em cuz they be good! Just click on them there links to the authors of said songs. Methinks they'd appreciate the compliments that their music rocks far more than the guy who just picked em and tossed em into a game.