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Mar 1, 2008 | 2:45 PM EST

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The story of this flash was originally thought up back in late 2006, but due to my laziness, I didn't bother making this flash until now. So the script of this flash has changed a lot since it was first written up to go with my current style.

Also, Andersson was going to do some voice acting for this flash, but due to real life stuff, he is unable to record anything for this flash. Plus, his microphone's broken, so that was the main reason why the flash was delayed when it was properly being worked on.

Anyway, enjoy the flash.

Flash info:

Flash #: 82
FPS: 30
Frames: 6,809
Time length: 4 minutes 27 seconds
.fla filesize: 86MB
Started: 27th January
Finished: 1st March



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Enjoyed how the plot is based on possibly true events. First the vending machine only gave back change and then you killed Afro_Stud which didn't interest or concern anyone in the least way. Later you have an awesome dream where Tom gave you lots of money and everyone and your friends were there.

The graphics were a bit better than usual too. Very nice piece of work done here. Even though it is a bit on the lower side you still did a great amount of effort which is why this flash and almost all of your other flashes are still amazing and funny.

Murray responds:

Well, the vending machine crushing part WASN'T true, lol.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

haha cool

Haha this was , i like how there is subtitles cool beans there and you had a good little plot here with a decent character notbad at all, keep up the good work

I wouldnt mind seeing a series from this with other types of vending machines and such

A funny little vending machine toon


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Murray responds:

Maybe I'll have another vending machine-related flash if some ideas come to mind. :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My Favorite Bahamut Flash EVER!

I love the scene where you wanted your Dr. Pepper! I often get too excited over that delicious cola as well. Great dialouge. I never stopped smiling the whole movie!

- Jamie

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Murray responds:

Dr. Pepper =/= Coke


Rated 5 / 5 stars

#;-}> [681]

LOL! "Don't return my fucking money!" Better to have your money returned... than eaten by the machine for nothing, right? #;-}> Oh well.

NOOO, AFROSTAR! Squish. Hahah. "Hey. I just killed him." What a revelation. How deep of you to have noticed that. Heh.

Yay, News Reporter! He doesn't seem to think it's interesting that Afro's dead thanks to Bahamut. Why does Satan go to your college, BTW? Tom Fulp awards you a shitload of money for being bigger than the Beatles and Star Wars... wow. And... oh... M.... G. Is that my gfox smiley on the hilltop of Bahamut's dream? I'm honoured to be included in one of your best flashes ever. Thanks, dude. :::tips cap:::

And there ya have it, dude. 15 reviews from yours truly... to you. Can I plz has responseburger? #;-}>

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Murray responds:


And my money got eaten anyway. Damn that evil vending machine. I'm glad I never see the damn thing anymore! :)

Pfft, News Reporter doesn't find many interesting things "interesting". Satan goes to the college, because he did, lol.

Heh, if only I was actually bigger than The Beatles and Star Wars. I think everyone dreams that.

Yep, that was a great surprise for you! It's one of the reasons why I recommended this flash, and also the fact that this is my funniest flash of 2008 so far. :)

Thank you for those 15 fucking awesome reviews gfox! And here's the #;-}> responseburger. #;-}>



Rated 4 / 5 stars

1 trillion pounds?!

That's easily $2 trillion here! Daaaamn!

Let's talk about the greatest show ever: Cornation Street

*cricket chirp*

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Murray responds:

If only I actually got that much money.