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Simulation - Dating

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Feb 29, 2008 | 7:40 PM EST

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Author Comments

Aching Dreams Hentai Fantasy Date Sim! A new sim date game with COMPLETELY ORIGINAL HENTAI IMAGES!

Explore a fantasy town, train your stats, earn gold, go on quests, get to know beautiful girls! But don't take too long or you might end up lonely! Features three endings plus a "bad ending" and a super secret ending, and a couple other random sex scenes!

It's taken a long time completing this, probably longer than it should's a little simpler than other date sims, but we hope you guys enjoy it. All the art was created for this game and cannot be found anywhere else!

Oh, and there's no music or sound. Sorry.

EDIT July 30th: Aching Dreams 2nd Session is available for play at!

Remember, there's a forum on the Rosewood Games website, feel free to sign up and discuss the game, find cheats and strategy...And make suggestions for a sequel!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

extremly fappable :D 10 out of 5

Listen2Reason responds:

Uh...thanks, I think!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Hentai Game Ever!.
I Am Already Finish The Aching Dreams 1st And 2nd Session But Too Bad 2nd Session Need Pay For Full Version :P.

Wait.... Here The Codes I Am Got From The Game:

roseflare = When You Train, you got 10 points (normal: 5 points)
lunareclipse = Earn money faster.
ultramanseven = Ultra Cheat or Hidden Cheat, Start Game with 120 all stats + 500G.
corona = See Taiyo's Sex Scene (may get new achievement).
cognitum = See Selena's Sex Scene (may get new achievement).
trine = See Taiyo and Selena's Sex Scene (may get new achievement).

Another! Getting All Achievements:

Sunlight = See Taiyo's Ending
Moonlight = See Selena's Ending
Radiance = See The Best Ending
Made Of Fail = Fail The Game Without Getting Good Ending
Be a Beacon = Follow Taiyo's Storyline From The Sacred Scroll To Lighthouse, After Completing The Lighthouse, Go Back.
Oldest Profession = Buy A "Special Price" In Shop
Filthy Lucre = Super Secret Ending! Buy A "Special Price" 3 Times In Shop, After That Try Get 1000G (Impossible? If It Impossible You SUCK!) And Then Go To Special Price. Choose "Hand Over 1000 Gold" Options.
Back Door Lover = Get Taiyo's Sex Scene, Then Choose "Anal" Options.

Hope This Helpfull.
Anyways, Good Game.

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Listen2Reason responds:

Or you could have just visited the wiki, but thanks for your review. ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Phew! Finally finished with this game. Got all the Achievements too (a proud Achievement Whore).

The game is fantastic yet simple, it could be even better with music (i turn on Guile's theme as background music, since it goes well with everything....even boner).

The person below explain pretty good, but here some extra info: If you going for the Best Ending, MAKE SURE to finish all missions for both girls BEFORE doing the Werepuma fight. The Werepuma fight should be the LAST thing to do in the game.

For full Walkthrough, read this:

Listen2Reason responds:

Haha, it really DOES go with everything, I guess! Thanks for your review. ;)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

i just finished this game and loved it just wish there was fantasy music cause it was boring quiet as all hell its ok with no voices i grew up on final fantasy 7 & 8 before the voices,

i got every ending with the help of some cheats for one of them (its impossible to get the best ending without it) every straight guy know he always wanted a hot 3 some and you could get it here in secret ending that practically requires 2 - 3 cheat codes to get (not enough days) so here they are dont take this down it is to help some that dont have to time to spend to get all endings

solarflare------Training gives 10 levels instead of 5

corona---------Takes you directly to Taiyo ending

lunareclipse------Working earns you more-money

cognitum----------Takes you directly to Selene ending

ultramanseven------Activates solarflare and lunareclipse codes ultra cheat

trine----------Takes you directly to the 3-way scene

clearachievements---ERASES who's gonna use this lol

this game is pretty old now from 2008 so the codes deserves to be shown instead of people looking for them the hard way. EnJoy!! :D

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Listen2Reason responds:

Music adds a whole other layer of complication to a game project (mostly trying to find music people will let you use).

And yes, the idea is that you need cheats from previous endings to get the later endings. There's no "practically" about it, it was designed that way. ;)

And, uh, the cheats have been available on our website for quite a while. Thanks for your review, though. ;)


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Damn dude , The game was fun. But the dialogue was terrible, it sounded like an 11 year old wrote it. I don't know if you're 10 or not good at English but please , put more effort into your games.

Listen2Reason responds:

I did put a lot of time and effort into the text, because I knew that was one area in which I could do better than the other adult games on the site. I'm curious about what bits of dialogue in particular you found wanting. Or maybe you played one of the Meet 'n Fuck games and left a review on this game by mistake?