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Feb 21, 2008 | 12:50 AM EST

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Nothing to see here *_*



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Foamy is right but

Just about everything on this site is independently made and the fact that you self applied the label indie to your own work via foamy doesn't validate your work is extremely sickening.

The label indie and independent doesn't apply when everything in independently made.

Anyone that uses that label during those times are nothing more than a broke version of the Corporate Whore they complain about.

I can understand that you want to make money out of your work but your basically just repackaging the same pretentious crap instead of tailor making something new all together.

I somehow doubt that the dvds you sell are any different from what you already show on the internet for free.

Make something new that isn't neurotically yours, take risks and make something new.

Your stupid and seem to be a very intelligent man but your just not taking a hint that perhaps the fact that you repeat yourself is gonna reflect poorly on you as an artist.

We have all been telling you this for years but it's nothing more than a waste of time.

The only reason for these reviews anymore is to warn other people not to waste there time on this crap.

Your acting like your speaking for the underdog but unless you actually help your fans who want to learn how to work with flash than you have no right to imply that your fighting for the little guy.



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Stop trying to be foamy

disco420, you are not foamy. Nice job btw

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pure and simply put: freakin awesome, dudes! I love the fact that just one guy does the Foamy thing. it's so origional that I think people who don't get it just don't understand what it takes to be TRULY GOOD at what they do. and what do they do, one might ask? my answer for any dummies who don't know: they produce something ORIGIONAL, ENTERTAINING, and all around, they do a good job of keeping the viewers entertained! THAT'S what it's all about!.. not doing some half-assed job of slapping together some pics with some dialogue to make a quick buck, but having enough respect for the viewer to actually make it worth watching! most so-called "cartoonists" could learn a helluva lot if they'd watch this with an open mind.... but, what do I know, right?! well, I know that this cartoon series is the shit! always has been, always will be.. even when they no longer make any more of 'em, I'll still watch 'em over and over!


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heh, nice

I like how you occassionally break the fouth wall in your flashes and the small self endorsement here was pretty good, by brining attention to yourself in a subtle way like that, maybe it'll help people to realize that you do a lot of work on this series and that it shouldn't be taken for granted. I've heard so many people complain about reused backgrounds and character animations and such, but these are probably the same people who sit and grin at family guy and the simpsons who also reuse backgrounds and movement animation, and have a huge staff of animators. Really man, those people have no place complaining about your animation which is fucking cool, and which focuses more on the dialogue anyway.

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well after all that movie talk...i say foamy deserves a movie

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