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My Sprite Flash 6!

rated 2.86 / 5 stars
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Feb 15, 2008 | 5:29 PM EST

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CAUTION: EXTREMELY RANDOM. It is a little slow... so just be patient. It rules though so watch it. If you are wondering about my flash with Fatkidwithajetpack and Chris the stick2, It is coming out soon, but there have been some slight delays. Thank you for your patience.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well, at least you got better.

Considering your other ones, you did get quite a bit better, but you still need to practice.

+ Well, you were right about one thing. It WAS random. Randomosity is a good thing. I like random.
+ You animated your sprites. I'm not sure if this is the first time, because the most recent flash I've seen of yours is number four.

- I guess that it's just me, but you used quite a bit of things that REALLY didn't look like sprites. More like copy-paste from some google images or something. Clarify, please?
- The sprites you animated, when they were on a colored background, I saw this white/light blue rectangular border around it. Try to fix that.
- The song you used infinitely loops while we look at the picture of the guy from Zatch Bell. You should just go back to the beginning if you're just gonna end it there. Oh, and make sure that when you do, no ghost music. PLEASE.
- Preloader. You really need one. I don't have a very fast computer, so when it finally loads, it shows up five seconds into the flash or more. I'm sure those five seconds aren't anything special, but some people have a slower computer than mine. So...
- You said it yourself. Too slow. I'm sure LiveSwif has an option for framerate. Look for it while making your next flash.

Overall: You definitely got better. Whenever I leave a bad review, it's not because of prejudice. I try to leave as much constructive criticism as possible.

Waiting to see how good your next one is...

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mangostenmaster responds:

Wierd... when i first made it, the song didn't loop...
Thanks. I will try even harder.
Preloaders may be a problem though... but I will try.
This is my 2nd animated flash.
Basicaly, copy and paste is all you can do with liveswif to animate.
What do you mean by ghost music?... If you are talking of the song itself, that is from my favorite anime Kenshin Rurouni Samurai X. I like it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

XD 5/5 10/10


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mangostenmaster responds:

Thank you good man


Rated 3 / 5 stars

learn how to motion tween.

overall it was okay.
but its not really a sprite flash if you cant motion tween.

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mangostenmaster responds:

It's very difficult to motion tween on liveswif. sorry.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


terrible quality, sad animating. bad audio.

(i forget where i heard that song from)

umm, animate much with sprites?

needs a LOT of work.

if this is a first time animation- then. wow. you got a long way to go.

if this is like your 10th or 12th time. or more, i dont know what to say....except good luck.

mangostenmaster responds:

Heh, and you call me a noob.
PS: That song was from the anime Rurouni Kenshin/ samurai x.
Seriously, I'm just a 13 year old japanese kid. Do you expect the average mono/ hepatitis infected, diarhea licking fascist 13 year old to make even a flash movie? I remember My 1st flash animation on NG. It was just pure suck. atleast see some other noobs work. You should see some other 13 year olds work. I am no Rupeeclock, but I sure do have a status... I even can do this with my sucky Liveswif.
beat that


Rated 4 / 5 stars


XD its cool.

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mangostenmaster responds:

Thank you.