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The Final Dare

rated 3.41 / 5 stars
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Feb 2, 2008 | 8:29 AM EST
  • Underdog of the Week February 6, 2008

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Author Comments

Oh, hello. This is my first submission for 2008 and I have to say, I'm pretty glad I managed to finish this. It's not that it took ages to make - it didn't - it's just that I kept on postponing it for such a long time and finally, I finished it off. Sorry for the massive filesize. At least it's not as big as it would be if I used Megadeth's 'Hangar 18' for the introduction.
This game is a finale to my series 'Dared'. I advise that you play the other Dared games, first. /portal/view/
363864 - Dared. /portal/view/
381204 - Double Dared.
I hope you enjoy this game. If there are any glitches (which I hope not because I spent an hour trying to fix them all) tell me in your review what they are. Leave a review and vote, please. I'll respond most reviews, if not all.

Play, and find out the important truth behind life.



Rated 1 / 5 stars


i never found a creature, were ya just yankin my chain there bud?

Mechabloby responds:

Edit: I was stressed while responding to this review, sorry about that.

Nope. I wasn't yanking your chain. The second game shows you a creature that comes out of nowhere. Really, you should just play the other games first. /
363864 - first game. /
381204 - second game.

I don't understand why people are just too lazy to read the author's comments. Next time, just read them so you know what is exactly going on.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

didnt like it...

sorry but it was very confusing and a bit errie and scary

Mechabloby responds:

I think this review is a poorly written one BUT I also like it because I know that the game is effective for scaring others and all that jazz. Thanks for telling me. ;P


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

ok so it ur first sub

at the beging was cool music, but other then that it kinda sucked there was no story nor point, sorry man it didnt impress me

Mechabloby responds:

'ok so it ur first sub'

Wait, what? If you think this is my first flash, you're thicker than pigshit. Seriously.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

the title was a bit misleading...

you should have called this game "wandering aimlessly through poorly photoshopped photographs of buildings by clicking on arrows"

People find this review helpful!
Mechabloby responds:

You're funny, hurrrrr.

It's called Dared because in the first game, you're dared by your friends to go into the office block.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

This piece is Fail

I mean it provided AT MOST 2 minutes of gameplay and IT TOOK FOREVER TO LOAD. Next time make something how you say... better would be my only way to "constructivly" suggest something to this.

Mechabloby responds:

Great review, there. It has helped me with all my problems.

Seriously, write a fucking proper review, you daft cunt. It's not a problem that you're giving it a 0, just say what needs to be better and how I could improve on it instead of acting like a total ass-wipe in your review and acting like you know tonnes more which I doubt you fucking well do.

If you know what you'd like to see in this game, why not fucking share it with me - that's what a good review does. Seriously, if you can't even specifically say what needs improving without acting like a high and mighty fuck, then don't fucking write a fucking review.

This review is shitty and I hope it is deleted by a review mod.

Edit: About the filesize. I'm sure one day that I'll go through this game again and fix it up here and there and I'll try to work really hard on compressing this flash file down to at least 5MB or something so viewers don't have to wait so long.

If you're stressed about the file size, you still didn't need to bring it all out in your review. Seriously, keep fucking calm and then your review wouldn't be considered as completely abusive.