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Captain R: Game Ranger EX

rated 4.28 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Jan 25, 2008 | 5:50 PM EST

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The barriers on the worlds have been shattered, war has erupted, and now Princess Willow is backed into a corner. Everyone's last chance is to use an ancient ritual to summon the Game Ranger.

Sitting at home, playing his S.N.E.S, Ron Keen is suddenly pulled into the videogame world and approached by a fairy. After being filled in on the world's condition, Ron Keen is forced into the role as the Game Ranger against his will. Given only the name of the princess, no direction, and no weapon, Ron is about to embark on his greatest adventure.

Can Ron fulfill his duties, get the girl, and make it home, or will he just cause further complications?

Obviously, it's is a parody of Captain N: The Game Master. This is the remake of our original Captain R: The Game Ranger. Ever since episode 2 was released, there's been a desire to take what we learned and completely remaster the original using the new techniques.

Be sure to check out the original ( m/portal/view/281905) and don't forget that part 2a ( m/portal/view/378788) and 2b ( m/portal/view/378789) are already available.

As you can see, lots of music from the Audio Portal was used. There are a lot of good artists and music located over there, so we wanted to capitalize on that fact. Hopefully we'll get some more recognition for the artists that we've used.

Voting low because of a bias against sprites will get you a middle finger...that you cannot see. Please suggest for a collection!

Please leave reviews!

**One voice actor that isn't as strong doesn't make all voice acting bad for the characters. UNDERSTAND THAT. If you're cool in the review about what you didn't like, we're cool back. You can not like it, just don't be a douche bag, be a dude/dudette**



Rated 3 / 5 stars

so so work

Some of the voice acting wasn't that great. Perhaps if the actors praticed more it might come out more natural. Just sounds a couple kids reciting lines instead of being in character. I am impressed with the flow of the animation. Not all the background messed well, but could have been worse. The sprite choices were interesting. It made me miss Captain N the game master all over again. lol

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Sunrie responds:

We don't have scripting. It's all improved, actually.

Most of the reason that some of the sprites were chosen was because of the whole "All Video Game Characters Running Wild" type of thing, so they're not all strictly 16bit, 32bit, or the like. We did our best to keep it similar, but there were a few times that 8bit ones had to be used.

Of them all, I think that people are referring to Willow. She was a first time actor and really shy. She's not going to be used in the future for Willow's voice, but yeah, those were her best takes.

One character doesn't make the entire voice acting bad, it makes one character not great. I wish people, aside from you of course, would realize this.

Haha, yeah, Captain N was awesome until they cut the budget and forced them to do the 15 minute episodes.


Rated 3 / 5 stars



I think this can be improved, but it can only be if you put more effort into this!

Sunrie responds:

Thank you for taking time to review.

More effort? It's a complete remake of the original. Watch the original and you'll see how much higher the production value is in this.

In addition, it was two months of work. There's not much more effort that can nor needs to be placed.

It's getting a little "odd" with all the "..." in the title for the comments. Maybe you guys should vote based on your own opinions and not each others friends.

More effort...ha, don't make me laugh. Coming from someone who obviously doesn't use Flash to make movies, you don't know what kind of effort goes into an animation that has the production that this does. Notice how I didn't say you shouldn't not like it because you don't have any animations? That's right, I said you don't know the effort involved, nor should you try and make reference to such.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


it was good and all,but the voices sucked
i would have gave it a 5,but ill give it a three

Sunrie responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review.

No, the voices rocked. Really, you morons need to stop trying to piss us off. It won't work, and we end up just getting points.

Oh, and we know who has Alt-Accounts, so stop being a douche and get a life. What loser goes through their accounts all Friday night in order to be so retarded like this?


Rated 4 / 5 stars


It was funny and I loved the voice of the fairy hahah! <3

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Sunrie responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review.

Haha, yeah, the Fairy always gets the most compliments. Thanks for the review