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Against the Colossus

rated 4.28 / 5 stars
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Jan 22, 2008 | 3:44 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hello everyone!

This movie is a battle between a giant colossus and a human.
It contains much violence. :)

EDIT: Thanks NG for the Daily Feature and frontpage! :D
By the way, alot people think that my animations are inspired by the Castle serie or Oscar... This is not true. None of my movies are inspired by his submissions.

This movie is made on a TFT screen, viewers that don't have a TFT screen might have problems with the dark colors. I suggest to make your room darker before watching this movie when you have this problem.

(Sorry about the quite big swf. file)

Enjoy! :D



Rated 2 / 5 stars

no idea why the daily feature

the guns were nice, the "dude" fighting animation was pretty nice too.
don't you think the colossus should've been more active?
he looks like a beast from hell, roars like a bitch, the teeth are cool - that looks scary - and then the effect ends because the monster just stands still while the little guy pounds the shit out of him. he's so passive most of the time its just boring to see him get killed. you see a cool monster in the movie - you think awww man this is going to be nice. THE FUCKING MONSTER LOOKS LIKE HE WOULD TAKE GODZILLA ANYDAY AND HE JUST LETS THE SMALL DUDE CLIMB HIM?!! TWICE!? i mean he doesn't even try to catch him when he should at the first climb. wtf? if a little dog bite you in your anckle you would totally get paralyzed and didnt notice it would ride hunchback on you? WTF!?!?! the small dude starts climbing on his leg and finishes the climb on his arm that was in mid air in that moment (because the monster was swinging hard when in concussion - supposedly)??? duh?
the monster stomps at him twice, tries to catch then catches him and throws away. thats way too passice. the second time the little dude climbs the colossus JUST WAVES HIS HAND A LITTLE? TRYING TO SHAKE HIM OFF?! "oh yea some little bitch shoots me and stays on my arm... i better shake it off". watching this movie is like dancing to "Bill Haley and the Comets - Shake, rattle and roll"
the animation quality is great but because the things i wrote earlier, it makes the whole movie crappy. no sense whatsoever.

and the falling thing? the little dude falls three times. he should die after the first time - seeing so much blood makes me think he got serious brain dmg. he loses blood so he cant be like super human & shit. and where did he find those two AKs? he just spawned them from air?

think it over, man. you got a high score and an award for this. put some more sense in your next submissions so you won't get more of this shit from me ; ) hehe cheers

Swished responds:

Thank you for reviewing my movie, but like i said, this movie is inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. So the colossus is really slow in moving, because it's so big. And that's why it's hard to shake the man off his body. The man is also alot faster and smarter than the colossus.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This was "Meh..."

I couldn't tell the difference between the colossus and the "Human" in some scenes (in the scenes that didn't show them both), why did the colossus had to be a stickman too? You seem a talented enough flash artist to make a cool looking colossus model, anyways.. I thought this would've had at least some references to Shadow of the Colossus but it had guns instead... guns are overrated, you see kids shooting up schools with guns not 4 story tall colossi... I'm probably going to get BLAMMED for writing this since 95% of Newgrounds' fanbase is composed of violence-horny kids... Nonetheless you got a 3 because I like the fact that you put in "Doomsday Clock" by Smashing Pumpkins in there and I love the 90's. I'm too old for NG.. >.<


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


i haven't actually played Shadow of the colossus... BUT i have a pretty strong feeling of that this isn't AT ALL like it is in that game.
That game is more about HOW to climb up his back with somewhat normal powers... not to fall into some weirdass temple under the ground with guns laying on some altar... but hey? did i say that it was underground? suddenly he get's hit... and flies out a WINDOW? and theres MORE windows? and why did he end up in that temple/church(whatever) anyway? because he did a stupid as move to JUMP down from the head, and get one shot in the eyes... when he could've shot him several times in the head... while standing on it, the same way he finally defeats him.

and the colussus's teeth are so 2D. you get a 3/10, 1/5.

Swished responds:

Hmm, then i suggest you to play the game.
Because there are a lot of things that are similar.
The blood spray from the colossus in the end, is exactly the
same as in the game. And the slowmotion fall can also be seen
in the game a few times. And that building is a church, it's not underground

Sorry, but most of the things you said are wrong.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

wow that was lame

alright plot summary....Giant getting shot by some guy, end movie. Ok im trying to not sound like one of those newbish guys who just blam random flashes but this SERIOUSLY needs more content. its just a slayer shooting up a giant and thats it. i know its a combat flash but even so its incredibly dry. And that giant was pathetic! he cant take out a dude whos the size of his FOOT!!! jeez no wonder their extinct these days. I mean the little guy is crawling all over this oversized five year old and all the collosus can do is flail his arms? good god man, lets help the big guy out a little eh? I mean hes a GIANT! hes writhing in agony over this midget with pea shooters. however the slayer is obviously demigod status, "oh i just got slammed into a wall by a guy the size of an office building, no sweat, ill just scluff it off. Yeah thats realistic. To your credit, the animation was very smooth and the visuals were good, but next time lets see a fight thats a little more two sided eh?

Swished responds:

This doesn't need a plot you see? This is a scene from the videogame Shadow of the Colossus and i've put guns in it to make it more violent :)

In ''Shadow of the Colossus'' the main character is also fighting against those huge creatures -without- using guns. Just don't take it all too serious.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

The title pretty much says it all.

I believe that this flash could've been a lot more detailed and slicker. I dont believe that this can rank up with your peers due to the style of new aged stick figures. This style is old and nothing really new to us viewers. I wasn't too fond of the music either. The dark boldness was everywhere so it was a little hard to follow as well. This style of stick figure really reminded me of Castle. (But I'm sure you get that a lot.) You could've done a lot more better, so just keep working on it.
Good luck in the future!