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Jan 19, 2008 | 6:30 PM EST

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I'm sure you all have fond memories of the original Dungeon Keeper. I sure as hell have. LeekClock and I got together and attempted to create a flash port of the game we grew up with. It took us several months, and this is the end result. Version 1.0. I'm sure we've overlooked a few bugs, if you find any, please PM me.

Have fun!



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This isn't a game!!


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Screw this. I thought I finally had a chance to play this game.

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i hope you get someting painfull up your ass!


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nice. . .

DOSBOX program fixes the win XP issue. look up dosbox. Second. . . . don't be lame about it. It's not like it's hatespam or some other lame excuse of a joke (IE promising poor teenagers porn and delivering a screaming exorcist face. . .but that's still funny. . .)

It's not propaganda because i'm SURE the (insert name)Clocks don't take themselves half as seriously as you do. This was a joke. not the greatest joke in the universe, but just because someone's a little butthurt about not being able to play DK (WHICH YOU CAN IF U USE DOSBOX ON XP. . . Google "dosbox" or in fact learn how to oppen the command prompt and run it IN DOS instead of XP since XP is a stand alone Operating system. you CAN run a command prompt window through it and use DOS. it's still there, just not used for XP.)

don't whine cause u got ur hopes up over a game you could play if you did some research. Google will help u. promise. and NEVER EVER take a (name)Clock seriously.