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Jan 17, 2002 | 8:53 PM EST

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I made this on my free time for my friends... just sometin to do... wat you think?



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*agrees with slime*

Stop hogging NG bandwidth


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Why the hell would you post something so stupid on newgrounds, and the sad part is, you acually think this is cool, you think its silly and cooky to write: "GO BACK!!!!" instead of simply "Go back", Everything you have on here sucks. Who cares about Ninja Guan that came from Junoin and then went on to beat the Mobba Craklaas Ninjas in 1235, You and your "friends" (mom and dad) NEED TO GET A FUCKING LIFE,

What exactly is this peice of shit a demo for?
Why have 2 buttons that don't do anything, and if this is a demo for something exactly like this with 2 more fucking buttons with more gayass ninjas and you telling us shit that has no relevince to anything anyone cares about, why are you telling us about the stupid fake dickshit ninjas, i'll never need to know this, scenario: Hey Rob, Do you know what Mista ass fista's trademark weapon was?, Me:Gee whiz, let me check WarriorBioV1.3 on it was the Black Mist Faggot dildo, Her: That was a test to see if you were gay like that faggot x iaozuon x, Bye.............

And last order of shityness: Music...What the fuck is that shit, no really, what is that, oh wait i forgot, you neglect (in all of your Flashes, which are all primarly made of up shity music) to ever tell anyone,

So all and All, you a major nerd/faggot that needs to get a fucking life,gooday

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ok what the fuck

hwat the hell is this shit...u just post some pictures and words on newgrounds..waisting a few minutes of peoples life....2 of yer buttons dont do a damn thing..why put them there.....i dont wanna read some bio of a guy that doesnt do anything....if its for something thats coming out...then why not just put it in with the actualy movie, game or whatever....


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Dont get it, but whatever, still a nice job.


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yeah ok....

.... And thats the end of that chapter..