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Dec 28, 2007 | 8:55 PM EST
  • Weekly Users' Choice January 2, 2008
  • Daily Feature December 29, 2007

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Author Comments

Dear Human,

Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world.

After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic interactive tale of Sonny. I hope you like it!

- Krin

PS: I encourage everyone who has something to say to leave a review. I read everything, though I might not reply to all. If you have suggestions, ideas, go ahead! These games are made for YOU, people!


One last note: If you really like the game, or you need help or get stuck, I encourage you strongly to sign up to our forum:

You can discuss builds and tactics, or make suggestions (that actually get listened to!), and stay informed about the progress on our future projects! See you there!

USEFUL LINKS! Have a look at these if you need some help:

Ability Guide ( m/viewtopic.php?t=658)
Team Mate Guide ( m/viewtopic.php?t=662)
Game Walkthrough ( m/viewtopic.php?t=703)
Zone 4 ( m/viewtopic.php?t=723)
Guide 'n Build for Guardian ( m/viewtopic.php?t=732)

Note: Remove the space between "foru m" so it says "forum" instead.

Also you can check my Profile blog for tactics for Zone 4 bosses.


UDPATE (NOW LIVE!) Game has been patched according to user suggestions:

- Battles now run significantly faster.
- Block can only be used twice on your bar, but the cool down has been decreased.
- Paladin's Shield now has a much longer cool down.
- Rock Golems can no longer use Suppression. Health decreased, damage increased.
- Blade Shaman's heals now have a larger cool down, and he can no longer regen focus.
- All the audio is now in sync with the subtitles.
- You can now Re-Spec 5 times a day instead of once.
- Veradux's "Re-Energize" ability now only applies a buff that restores 10 focus per turn, so when he casts it on a target with full focus, you still get 90% of the benefit.

Noted Criticism (But will not be updated for Sonny):

- More sound controls
- Manual control over AI
- Item bug in inventory
- Smarter AI
- More animation variety
- Better storyline
- Non linear gameplay
- Better Cutscenes
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI
- Better AI

If you guys see any more bugs or have things to criticize do tell me!



Sry caps... You were saying? :D


Super Final Thought: So many reviews are coming in now! I can't get around to answering everything like I used to be able to... I still read and note ALL reviews and criticism though, but if you want to hear answers from me directly best ask me in the forum where I can answer to batches of people at once, and other people can answer your questions too.

That's it! Just have fun and take it easy :D
- Krin

PS Webmasters: Whoever wants to host this game on their website can download it here: e-website-games/code/505/



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars January 1, 2008


Hey I found a glitch in this game. I'll try to tell it as close as possible as to how I did it myself. I was in Zone 4 just finishing a training battle. I pressed the in-game X to close my game.

I then picked my Destroyer file in file 2, his name is Prophecy if that matters. I just fought a samurai in Zone 3 in the Story Battle, and I went to go do some things and came back to play again.

I quit that battle half way through and played my Assassin again named Syrus ( again if it matters at all ) and it said that I finished a battle, and I had 20-30 item rewards for finishing the battle that were pictures cycling these sets of armors and equips. So like i had around 20-30 reward items just showing me Gloves, head gear, shoes, leggings, and body armors.

I pick them up and said that it was really nothing. I go through my inventory and their still there, I sell them and I get gold that is NaN, meaning infinite amount of money.

I haven't recreated the scenario for a second time yet, but I tried to be as specific as possible so that maybe you could recreate it? I'm not sure if any other person has submitted this glitch yet but if you missed those, I'll put this one up just in case.

Anyways, enough about the glitches. I really like this game actually. It has quite a lot of abilities and classes (which I love). This game's storyline isnt really a story, rather a *beginning* maybe that you are going to finish the story up after this? Nonetheless, A very good RPG that kept me going then it should have. I'm really suprised that I spent this much time on an online game.

Krinn responds:

What the FUCK? I've never, ever seen a bug as messed up as that before! Thanks for reporting it, I'll have a look. Can you remember any more details? Enemies you fought, level you were on, etc.?

If you have anything else that can help me, or it happens again, PM me ASAP!

Thanks, glad you liked! :)
- Krin


Rated 5 / 5 stars January 1, 2008


auto looting would be great, but i was soo impressed by this game still.


Rated 4 / 5 stars January 1, 2008

Amazing, but.

I just wanna make it clear that I love this game and I cannot stop playing it. However, the player REALLY needs to be in control of the entire party because the friendly AI is something of an underachiever. Everything was fine until I added a third member to my party, from then on the two AI members would just repeatedly buff eachother when it wasn't necessary and would attack enemies I had not begun to attack. This may just be nitpicking, but I think these mistakes spoil what really could be an immersive, original and fun rpg.

Krinn responds:

This has been suggested, I will attempt to fix it for the next project!

Thanks :D
- Krin


Rated 5 / 5 stars January 1, 2008


overall, a well rounded polished game. Liked the soundtrack and the story had me playing till the end.


Rated 5 / 5 stars January 1, 2008


i came back from break n hadnt been on in awhile n was hoping for some awesome new stuff but i couldnt find anything that held my attention for more than 10 seconds until i started playing this game it is awesome n i probably wont b able 2 stop playing 4 a LONG time
only 1 prob 4 me so far thers a big difference in diffuculty between are 2 and 3 but other wise this is one of the best games iv seen in a long time