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Eulogy For 'High School Hentai'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

12-23-07 – 06-05-11

Author Comments

First off, if you don't like hentai, then don't enter... even though I know you're just going to bitch anyway.

Sorry for the long wait, but the biggest quiz I've ever made is now here! Over 100 full images, which includes .gif animations and only the highest quality images on the net. However, I do apologize for the loops, I couldn't fit in an entire song due to the massive size of the quiz itself.

I do warn you, this is most likely the hardest quiz, hentai or not, you will ever take. All questions are at 9th to 12th grade level questions... but hey, if you're actually 18 like you should be to play this, that won't be a problem.

Same rules apply as last time; complete a quiz, get 15 images, and get a hint. Use this hint wisely though... just because I'm so nice, at the 7th question of every quiz you will get a checkpoint. From that point on, there will be a little 'M' on the right side of the screen which will take you back to the menu. As always, please post any bugs or errors on here... but please don't report wrong answers, because none of them are wrong. I checked each answer at least 5 times from different sources.

Special thanks to DarklordWicket for running a test of this game and finding plenty of bugs.


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