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Oct 31, 2007 | 5:23 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place November 1, 2007
  • Weekly 2nd Place November 7, 2007

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** UPDATE (02/01/08): Yay! Age of War finished first in the maxgames contest! You can check all the rankings there:

To thank you guys, I fixed some bugs:
The 3rd special is longer, and wont stay forever if you die usign it
The final turret should no more reach the ennemy base
The special wont reload when paused
I reduced the damage of the double turrets a little

Thats it for now. Ill release some information on my next game soon on my website:
**YEAHHH thanks for the monthly voting!!! Wooot i love you all!

press space to pause the game

*Added difficulty choice when you start the game
*I think I fixed the invicible unit bug, sorry for the inconvenient

Take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy your ennemy.
In this game, you start at the cavern men's age, then evolve! There is a total of 5 ages, each with its units and turrets. I hope you have fun with this game! Sooo many hours of hard work.

Thanks to CyprusX who made many units to help me to make it in time for the contest. You rock man!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

could use work.

i think its a great concept, but the gameplay was just way too easy.

all you need to do is create 2 or 3 turrets, wait and build up money as the turrets blast anyone who comes near your base, then, lastly, create 2 supersoldiers and you win!

next time you should make a more 3d plane, like other tower defense games. A top view instead of a side view.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good game, a little cheap in certain places.

This game with a little tweaking could be amazing. First off, the turrets damage the buildings when they miss, but they don't target them when there are no units there. That's retarted...don't allow the turrets to reach across the map and damage the other person's building.

I liked the balance between the units at the end, the last age, but the 3rd age (mosquettes and duelers and such) are WAY too good beyond the age below it. I almost smoked the computer by the third age on hard. That's too unrealistic. If you were to balance out the ages a little more it would be much better. I love the super soldier idea. They are expensive but man when you can afford them they kick ass. You should have more units like that from the beginning ages. Also make the last special power hit all the way to the comp's base.

and the only other complaint I have is it's obvious that you are adding money to the computer without him actually earning it, which most people who know games would say that it's unfair AI. I know that poses a big challenge with the coding but the AI could be a lot smarter. Make a second one and we'll see how it turns out. Maybe add more ages?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good game

This was a pretty goood strategy type game.Good graphics.good sound.Good gameplay.Only one problem though.In the begining it tells you that losing troops get yuo experience.Well if thats the case then whats really the point.You and your opponent will then always be even.No matter what.So if that happens whats the point?Your just constantly fighting an equal and it then depends on money.If you fixed it so that only killing opponents gets experience it would be a way better game.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


The difficulty setup is way off. Harder is much more harder than anyone's idea of the next level. You kinda skipped a few levels to get it there. And the normal was a bit below. The extremes are not the starting levels you want out there first. Otherwise nice game. Like the music except you can't turn it off or even change it would be nice. Maybe different ones to complement the player's evolved level. My only real problem was the difficulties. There was too much in between your units firepower and the enemy's. That is a big part. Try more testing next time.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It was way overated, i don't think it deserves this spot. it is and ok game, but i don't know how you got this far. I have seen lots of games better than this, no offense