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Oct 18, 2007 | 1:13 AM EDT

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Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox - Browser Battles. Which is the best browser of the two?



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really don't understand why people say that Google, belonging to a capitalist company (like microsoft) wich earn money from us, is better than Firefox, belonging to a foundation who want to do a free web.

pd: sorry if my english was wrong


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


built an engine, years ago, even though mozilla had a better open source one, it had many flaws in it.
Spends years patching those flaws (and keep failing).

Same with Windows, Microsoft is always trying to reinvent the wheel and they always fail.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

out of all

Firefox is only second best, Google chrome is the best
IE sucks and will always suck!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's been Decided

Though Firefox has major issues like crashing too much, it is still ranked the #1 internet Browser in the world. Internet explorer is too plain and not as customizable and easy as Firefox. Firefox has been, is, and always will be the best, I'm sorry to say to all IE lovers out there. I even have a Firefox theme right now of the one and only Firefox chewing on the internet explorer icon. Firefox rules!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


It all really depends. Microsoft IE has some good points, FireFox has some good points. (I'm being impartial here, remember. I KNOW that IE is horrible, have changed my browser, so don't say that I support IE.)

Well, here are the bad points of FF:

>> FF crashes when you load too many tabs
>> FF has a LONG startup time.
>> It takes even longer to start when you install add-ons.
>> It also hangs, maybe even crashes your computer if you have too many.

Here are the good points of IE:

>> It comes built in the system, so you can download other browsers.
>> It has a quicker startup time than FF
>> It has Accelerators.
>> The upcoming IE 9 will have GPU - rendering support.

But, again, here are the bad points:

>> It's rendering engine is a ***bit*** more than crap.
>> You can't customize it.
>> It is known for sometimes conflicting with other programs.
>> The IE 9 will not be compatible for XP.
>> It failed the Acid3 test.

So, here's a final note: It's entirely your choice. You can choose the Trident engine of Internet Explorer, or you can stick to FireFox's Gecko engine, or you can see the other alternatives on the free market:

>> Avant Web Browser
>> Maxthon 1.67 (Classic)
>> Maxthon 2.5 (Standard)
>> Maxthon 3 (Much cleaner than Maxthon 2.5)**
>> Opera
>> Cometbird (Again, this is built on the base of FireFox, but with a faster load time)
>> Google Chrome
>> Flock
>> Netscape (Out of business)
>> Seamonkey (Gecko Engine)
>> Sleipneir
>> Lunascape
>> Konqueror
>> Safari
>> Wyzo

So, if you like FF, stick to it. No one can force you to use IE or FF, but if you want my opinion, I think Maxthon is the best. (I'm not forcing you to download it; it's your choice, but, let me tell you, you're missing out on a lot :)

**Note that Maxthon 3 is in the developmental stage and is an alpha, for testing purposes only.

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