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Sep 22, 2007 | 11:52 AM EDT

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Jet pack around in this mini, Madness themed, adventure game. This is a spin off to Madness Epiphany as it contains the main character. You control the character with the mouse and click to shoot stuff when appropriate and use appliances! Have fun.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


u cant even find the code. and when your not even close to optimus primes laser it still hits u. it would be better to evreyone if u told me the code right now


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


umm wow good thing i read lolipops review cause i forgot the code too...


Rated 1 / 5 stars


What does this have to do with the madness storyline?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Noob work.

wow, Nick, you really screwed up this one. the graphics are decent, but the levels just suck. hank is so big that he takes up 1/3 of the screen, which makes it impossible to do anything. i can dodge the clouds alright. wait until the invisible clous goes by, then stay to the left for a while. then comes optimus prime. yeah, you really pulled that one outta your ass. optimus prime. like there is no other madness characters? like tricky, for instance. after you dodge his lasers which is ridiculously easy, you have to snipe him. this part is like a carnival game. he sticks his head out, then hides. i managed to shoot him on the first try. then, you go down to saved his friend. kinda random, but not outragous. you get there, you shoot the lock (you'll notcie that the sniper rifle becomes easier to use.) and go in. right behind you is a bigass number which happens to be the password. then, you have to walk up to the lock and enter the code. you cant shoot it off like the other lock. and i forgot the code by the time i walked up to the lock, but there is no turning back. you cant exit the lock screen, as any normal human would to look back at the poster. so you have to just restart the entire game. then you notice the friend is dead, but you take his shotgun and shoot some pie which eplodes (ironic) and leave. what a waste.

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Nicholas-Deary responds:

why do people keep pretending to know me?


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Nicolas, I am honestly dissappointed, this game was absolutely TERRIBLE. The cloud part was bad enough, I stayed as far to the left as I could, the first cloud got me, Right, same. When I got past THAT cloud, an invisible one struck me. There is no storyline, unless you consider cloud dodging optimus prime Crap a good story. The music was honestly blaring, I had to turn off my sound, which was relatively low. The graphics, holy shit, they sucked. Ms paint much? Did you crap this out for the holidays? This is just plain terrible, I mean, your work is usually famous, you have proven right here, that you are no longer good at flash.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

who on earth are you?