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Salad Fingers Episode 8

rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Sep 22, 2007 | 1:08 AM EDT

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  • Salad Fingers
    Salad Fingers A strange cartoon about a creature who loves to touch rusty metal.

Author Comments

Episode 8.
Salad Fingers explores his cupboard.
Hope you like it.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Crazy stuff.

This one is definately the best one yet- very well detailed and excellent voice acting. Keep it up, David.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


dammit, that sure is disturbing xD
great job anyway.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good, but....

I like salad fingers a lot, but this is a *TERRIBLE* way to leave salad fingers. crying in his safety cupboard, all alone. David Firth should make a better episode. This is quite an unfitting end to the series. I am especially disturbed and discontented to find the last episode end like this!!!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I was there when you released the first salad fingers(didn't have an account back then tho) and i still like watching every new episode! salad fingers has always been the creepiest serie on newgrounds(in my opinion) and somehow you managed to keep that style and creepynest! good-fucking-creepy-job! 5 for you!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not all of us died in the blast, Homer...

It's clear that you are clear about being unclear as to a truly articulate plot in your animations. Even so, the common objective existentialist can identify a few important consistancies in your work.

One is that the cartoons seem to almost always take place in a barren wasteland. Salad Fingers' house, or shack rather, seems to be in the middle of nowhere and there are very few things lying within close proximity to his location. Plus, the ground seems devoid of any useful resources, from plants to burrowing animals, to ore that can be used as either fuel or ornamentation, to even perceivable insects that could be eaten. Every character in this series shows either signs of deforming mutations, trauma-induced social disorders, or both of these aspects and more. The narration plays out like a corny
40s cartoon, a lifestyle Salad Fingers seems to admire within his ramblings of "the great war". Despite this the visual and sound effects, plus some of the plot twists, as well as the setting and locale, seems to bring to mind a type of deranged existential horror true to the atheistic principles of Thomas Hobbes, George Orwell, and the infamous H. P. Lovecraft.

This leads me to conclude that the back story to this series includes a history of a war; this may or may not refer to World War I, or "the great war" as its participants called it, or WWII, since most of the news from Normandy beach came over the then-brand new transistor radios. This may include a future war in which the tyrannies of capitalism caused the free market's inevitable collapse in a way that made the great depression seem like an Enron-type scandal. Or, more then likely, it takes place shortly after the cold war, in which JFK was unsuccessful in stopping the brigade of WW 3 in a way that many would find hellish but Orwell could very well find merciful. This could occur before or after the Cuban missile crisis, as far as David Firth is able to reveal. Also, this obviously indicates an apocalyptic disaster, which could be a nuclear holocaust as feared by most liberals, or it could be an ecologic rapture in which the bizzare mutations of the bio-economy and/or the pollution of Industrialized living viciously rob the Earth of almost all of its natural resources - with only a few semi-human resources to spare. This is all up for debate since Salad Fingers may very well be on a different planet that has only slightly similar history. But even so, it seems to point to almost every piece of evidence towards post-apocalyptic psychology.

In closing to this rambling article, I would like to personify my appreciation of Firth's gratuitous method of narration. I should make it clear to those who are confused and horrified that the strange noise from the radio wasn't from the radio at all; Salad Fingers was starving and the sound came from his belly in reality. He cried in the cupboard and performed masochistic behavior by grinding a piece of hair on his eye to hide from, weep over, and find a releasing stimulus for his aliment that was his hunger. He then rewarded the source of his respiting stimulus by using it as decoration, alongside the other hairs that gave him a sick method of self-solace. The radio became undeniably loud when primal instinct was forcing Salad Fingers to respond to his hunger. The radio "Roger" told him to "clean up the place". This meant that Salad Fingers could deny his human basic needs no longer and was forced to unjustly devour his sources of solace to slake his animalistic instincts for one more day. He then retreats back to the cupboard to once again hide from and weep at his loss of humanity. He isn't acting weird because he's insane; he is acting weird because its his last and feeble barrier against the true void of his existence, the insanity in question.

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