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Sep 10, 2007 | 5:10 PM EDT

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Happy madness day :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
UPDATE 06-04-2008

Some of you seems to appreciate my work and some may not. And by the way, im a HUGE fan of Adam Phillips work and I didn't do this to offend him in any way. I just felt like mixing 2 artists style together.

Keep in mind, im no Adam Phillips or Krinkels ;d

The reason why it is rather short is because my computer went down in May ( The month i started to work on it ) for some reason. So all my work got deleted and such. Luckely i had a spare fla file on my hotmail to work on whenever i could get my hands on another computer, wich i later did in August. When i started to work on it again i feeled stressed and sad knowing that i didn't have much time to do the right amount of viewing pleasure for you guys. Because Im going for a vacation now for a few weeks and I only had a few weeks of doing this including school and work. So yeah, im a little dizzy typing this since ive worked all day and havn't got any fresh air at all today so. Im just going to make it easy for you.

Many thanks goes to SBB who made all the custom music just for this movie.

I hope you enjoy this entry to "Madness Day 07" !!




Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I couldn't sit through it

My god you need to learn how to make a title. Text with a fancy font is so rough on my poor poor eyes. I stopped watching the second he teleported since it's totally defeated the purpose of Madness. You just took two popular cartoons on newgrounds and threw up this abomination.

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SimMa-T responds:

My goal here was to make a flash movie based on Madness characters, try to make something different and not the same old gore and stuff. Even if you think it's that bad, i was trying to STAND out from the normal Madness tributes, even if it may not be as good as you would like. Doesn't hurt to try.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have a great fucking idea

Dude add Progeins of the great apocolypse to this by:Dimmu Borgir and it would go great with the video


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very niice!

Too short to think or judge further...
For the contest an all.
unless your making the whole entire series on madness day!...
then id be extremely impressed

SimMa-T responds:

Well if you've read the info you know why it's short! Yeah, i will do more parts in a few months or more. I want to take more time on it and make it more interesting. So i hope people see this as this series intro or something. Even if it's short i spend a hell of a lot time with it so i hope people understand that!

Thanks for the review


Rated 5 / 5 stars

not the best,but its good

its good animation, but I don't think it's good enough to go in the maness day submissions before madness day


Rated 5 / 5 stars


In case someone didn't know this man has been talking with Adam Philips, and he (adam) did like this flash a lot, so if you're going to write a retarded review for this about stealing the brackenwoods ideas or saying he didn't ask for permission, then you can go somewhere else, ok? ok?? good :)

Anyways, for a review of this flash. There's some pretty good graphical work in the start, which seems pretty close to the one in the intro of one of the original movies. It's a bit slow when it moves down to the depths of the wood, you might just turn that speed up a little in that part. The graphics you did where the madness guy is laying down and where you can see cuts of bitey, is beast. Lots of details and obviously a lot of effort.

Again the chase scene is a bit slow, you could maybe have sped that certain part up a bit too, to add some action to the scene. But it's of course no biggie, you might just keep it as it is. The last few scenes are probably some of the best. I didn't know you were skilled enough to make THAT awesome camera angle changes- you never showed me that.

Musically wise- I shouldn't be commenting that as I made it all :P But the music fits the scenes really well, and all sounds fit smoothly- except that cold wind thing, but that isn't too big either. I like the sound image in this one.

Goodie goodie, seems like your efforts paid off, and it would have done even more if people would drag their attention to the great graphics and animation work... recommended for madness day, general madness and brackenwood series collection.

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SimMa-T responds:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that you like what i did with some parts, and i understand what you didn't think was the best. The chase scene, i admit was pretty lame and the colors were pretty dull. But besides that i think it was a good accomplishment for me to do this film. I realized that you have to spend time to make something interesting. And it really was (for me) alot of work to be done. This was only part 1 out of (?) so expect a few or another part(s) from me. I will try to make those better and more interesting. I had to rush this part since i lost so many months of work.
But i think it turned out pretty well even if this part is short.

And about that camera-angle, it was fun to do! And I wanted to suprise you aswell!

Anyways thanks for the review and all.