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Aug 28, 2007 | 3:04 PM EDT

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Full title: Bahamut in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days

A spinoff from the 'Adolf Hitler in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days' series. This series follows Bahamut on his Pokemon journey as he attempts to complete his Pokédex.

He starts off by being asked to try and catch all 493 Pokemon by a special guest. BTW, this episode is called -001 because this is a prologue and naming it 000 might suggest that it's a Missingno. episode and I might make a Missingno. movie sometime. Also, 001 might suggest that the journey alreadys starts when it doesn't.


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Flash info:

FPS: 30
Frames: 2868
Time length: 1 minute 35 seconds
.fla filesize: 24MB
Started: 23rd August
Finished: 28th August



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too bad this never got off the ground

This project never really got off the ground, did it? Too bad, I think it was one of your most promising ones. Honestly, I liked this prequel a lot and was hoping that you would continue making daily episodes which had a bit more effort put into them than Afro's flashes.

What I like about it is how you altered the Pokemon intro from the classic first gen games. Professor Oak was quite well drawn and I liked the background, the subtitle box and the little scene with Graham at the background. Basically, everything was good about this prologue.

I believe you did make another movie with this much later on, but again, it's too bad you never tried anything with this series. Of course making 493 daily episodes would've been too much to ask, but it would've been nice if you at least made a few episodes. It might've been cool if you let Bahamut walk past all the routes from the first gen games and let him catch the Pokemon which are there. Like Bahamut goes to Viridian Forest and he catches a Caterpie, Weedle and Pikachu. Then goes to Mt Moon and catches a Clefairy etc.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5.


Murray responds:

Heh, I wouldn't even dare to make 493 episodes. Look what happened to the Adolf Hitler Pokemon series in the end.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool game

I actually would not mind having Pokemon Bahamut version, would be very interesting to see what happened in it instead. Also kind of laughed at how Professor Oak looked pissed the whole time as well. The background was decently done too.

Also laughed at how Graham couldn't catch a pathetic Caterpie where as the old man always catches one with one poke ball no matter what. Funny little piece. Although I can understand where you didn't ever get started much on the series considering how much time you would have had to spend on it.

Good piece.

Murray responds:

Heh, I was thinking of a Pokemon Bahamut Version sequel but that never came into place. Probably for the better since it would be irrelevant now.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Should have made all of these man

These would have been a great series. The amount of work and time that would of went into these would have been crazy though. It would still have been a great series especially if they were made with the quality like this.

I love how in the background Graham was having a hell of a time catching a pokemon. His little squeaky voice while he bitched made me chuckle a little bit. The animation and graphics were again simple, but are a great style for these types of flashes. The audio was perfectly fine in this submission also.

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Murray responds:

All 493 flashes? Again, too much for me and I still need to work on my 100th flash. :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nicely done

I like how you based the begining seen on the original red and blue version. LOL Adolf Hittle is the one who is going to catch all 493. :D

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Murray responds:

"LOL Adolf Hittle is the one who is going to catch all 493. :D"

Not anymore. :(


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Not that I'd know what Pokemon is like, I've never had a single Pokemon game. Closest I've come is using Pikachu a lot in Super Smash Bros Melee + Brawl. #;-}>

OMG, black and white Bahamut vs. AfroStar intro! IT'S LIKE PLAYING A GAMEBOY. Super-successful emulation is YOU! Yeah, Bahamut. You can be as successful as Hitler!!!! I AM [POKEMON-MASTER-COLLECTOR] AND SO CAN YOU! --Colbert

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Murray responds:


When Pokemon came in America/UK, you were 22, so why would you play on a game that's supposed to be aimed at children? XD

But yes, this is very much like playing a Gameboy, but that's mostly because the intro was based on the Pokemon Red/Blue intro. I suggest you look 'em up on YouTube.

Nah, I can't be as successful as Hitler. I only travelled around the world for...Nah, I'll let you find that out sometime.