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Aug 15, 2007 | 8:37 AM EDT

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Wowza! Would you take a look at that score? Thanks NewGrounds!



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Seriously, I have enough of clock crew voting up even the crappiest of their team submissions, there should be something done about this

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jewdudewtf responds:

I'm not even sure if the clock crew is still around. I haven't been really active on NG since ~2009. :(


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Needs lots of improving

ok so this was interesing there was not much there and it seems to {LOOP} you may want to fix that somewhat, you can add a stop action code for the looping to stop, but other then that it needs much more animation scenes characters and so on, it seems more like an E-card then anything else,, dont get me wrong its still pretty funny and entertaining but still needs much more to it even some backrounds and much more color but these are just some small ideas to make it much better, it was entertaining though, Some more suggestions, would e add some {STORY} characters and just more {DEPTH} all around, but for what it is it did give me a good chuckle lol anyways good luck on any new stuff you plan to make and release, i look forward to seeing and reviewing, untill then good luck.

This flash seems more like an ecard you could improve though as suggested some characters stories, more color and backround design, but most of all, my only issue with this one would be that it would "LOOP" over and over and you could fix that easily with an action script code >> Stop-Action-Code. checkout tutorials on the newground forums if you are unsure how to do a Stop-Action-Code.

Kinda like a clock day e-card



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RE: Clock Day

Well, if this is your first flash, congratulations. Well done.
If you're actually seriously trying here, don't make more flashes.

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No longer a good flash

I do believe that it is no longer clock day.

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WOW ITS SO...........unbeleivably crap
when it starded saying happyclock day one letter at a time, i thought to myself, oh! it must just be loading. then it went over 6 more times atleast. i lokked at the comments and its acctually the movie? 3 PEOPLE TO MAKE IT?!!! 4.44!!!!!!

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