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Jul 27, 2007 | 6:59 PM EDT

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The internet is full of hate and ignorance. I'm trying to change that for the good of mankind. So I might as well start on my own turf! The furry fandom!

A lot of people seem to hate furries before they even know what they are, so here's a little "information doohick" to explain the basics to ya. I urge you, please make your own decisions on those who are different. Please don't just go "THEY'RE DIFFERENT! THEY'RE WRONG!" Be remembered, but be remembered for doing a good thing, not for hatred, not for loathing.

Peace out. ~ Tori Belliachi

Oz Kangaroo fursuit - by Oz Kangaroo!
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Misconseption 7:

My favorite one to argue against. I'm a fur, I'm Christian, and anyone who says that furs shall yiff in hell, I'll tell them to read the bible and answer me on where it shows that furs are condemned to hell. And this Christian fur isn't too happy about people telling him he shall go to hell.

You pretty much summed up furs though, and I have to commend you on that. It'll defiantly help clear up all the nonsense, idiocy, and overall bad view the pop culture scene has presented us with. 10000000/10 if I could.

And to those who say this is a bunch of lies to get off fur's backs, stfu, go home, and get over yourself. I'm pretty sure you have some deep dark secret that if it go out into the world, you would be disgraced, humiliated, and you'll probably complain about it. No body is perfect, if we were, we'd be called god. So if you still don't like furs after this finely made presentation, go away, and never set foot where furs are, because were different, your different, and if we can't get along, then we don't need to see each other....ever.

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That was awesome.


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Well put together and it answers a lot of questions! Great music too- wish it was downloadable...

10/10 5/5


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Why not just rise above and take over the world already in the name of the fur!!! lol


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Hey wait a minute...

I'm subcribed to you on you tube xD Like your fursuits, Especially Duke he's adorable
Anyways I was just wondering if you had something to say about the roleplaying furs, because I know alot of furs don't like roleplay, So if you know anything about furcadia, or have any insights, let me know :3