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Jul 27, 2007 | 6:59 PM EDT

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The internet is full of hate and ignorance. I'm trying to change that for the good of mankind. So I might as well start on my own turf! The furry fandom!

A lot of people seem to hate furries before they even know what they are, so here's a little "information doohick" to explain the basics to ya. I urge you, please make your own decisions on those who are different. Please don't just go "THEY'RE DIFFERENT! THEY'RE WRONG!" Be remembered, but be remembered for doing a good thing, not for hatred, not for loathing.

Peace out. ~ Tori Belliachi

Oz Kangaroo fursuit - by Oz Kangaroo!
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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

He's right about one thing: Wrong place to put it

Newgrounds is all around discrimination, violence, and porno. And well, I'm giving it a good rating because of the subject it is... Which I like, mainly because I am a Furry myself. ~Glares down at the other guy...~ Oh, and trust me... I wouldn't even come within 500 miles of your house without written consent from the Supreme Court to shoot a bullet through your head, and your dog's!...
Eh heh... Just needed to get that out of my system. And, as for one animation you can put in there, maybe a purring sound whenever we click on your ears? Or possibly put a few animations in there... Mainly in the misconception area. Like on "Furries want sex with animals", you could put a picture of a man standing behind a cat/dog/w/e then put the"NOT ALLOWED SYMBOL" over it. Or for the killing someone thing... Put a furry in the window and draw Lincoln in a meadow, drawing a bunch of question marks all over the picture? And final one I can think of.... "Sex... In Fursuits", maybe put an equation on there, stating "FLUIDS + FURSUIT = $$$ WASTED".


Rated 2 / 5 stars

What's this doing here?

This is rather out of place man. This is Newgrounds, a place for violence, stupid cartoon movies, and hentai, not a help circle to try and convert NGers into understanding what a furry is. I'm pretty sure that the opinions of those here are already well set and will take alot more than a text based slideshow to convert them otherwise.

As for the flash, It needs more excitement, more moving parts, maybe a small gentle sound effect or two, also I was able to go to the first page before he preloader even finished.

To round it all up, not the place, though needs more refinement.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh my~*

youve caught my attention

i really enjoy looking into this culture and really would like to know more about it
i think this was very well done and was overall very interesting.
i love csi and when i saw the furry episode i tilted my head to the side cause i didnt know if all of you guys were like that
lol in a sense i did the "Marf?"

very interesting and cute use of a keypad with the ears thing
it made me smile

we should chat sometime cause im new on this and love talking to people
thats also an invitation to anyone else

but very good work on your presentation :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

T'is a great thing ye done 'ere

Its good that theres something like this on newgrounds especially. Although i have to admit, I don't think we'll ever be able to stop all the hate the furry community gets. But, sticks and stones, yea?

Furry, and otherkin


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I understand your side...

but furries are still fags sorry to hand it to you
i give you a ten on your presentation for you did quite nicely, but it is still hard to understand a furry so sorry