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Not Another Sprite Fight

rated 4.28 / 5 stars
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Jul 18, 2007 | 12:09 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 19, 2007
  • Weekly 3rd Place July 25, 2007

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Author Comments

Updates and extended info:
NASF 2 will not be possible until we make enough progress on the Helix project. Until then, I'll be remaking this movie from scratch as NASF DX. It'll feature much better sound and animation, with extended fights and a couple more characters.

Here is a link to the YouTube version. The quality sucks, but I added 'commentary'. tch?v=MS-oaFlkslA

Many people were upset by Mega Man's lackluster performance. I'm sorry for that, I had to delete a few scenes were Mega Man had done better.

(old info)
So, this didn't turn out to be the super-awesome-amazing project like I had so bragged about on my (old and deleted) website. But it did turn out really good anyway. Also, because of the 16k limit, I had to cut three scenes (one I had already created) and take out the extras... which means no outtakes... sorry. Please, enjoy the movie.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epic, COMPLETELY....EPIC, to bad your not continuing it, I know you have your reasons. So to sum it all, I'd say this is GREAT.

Short-Factor responds:

Wait who said I'm not?
I'm already preparing to remake this one, and I'll be making the sequel someday.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

well its good because the fight goes at a perfect pace,plus more frames means more detail which makes the fight that much recap the pace was perfect and the high fps made the fight more detailed and i also liked that at some parts he characters used their environment.and lastly the fight was just epic!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Short-Factor responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Impressive work man.(BTW, you may or may not remember me, but I am OrangeGamer364 from youtube... Y'know... the one who made the stale joke(sorry 'bout that...)) But I have to say, this animation is very impressive. It reminds a lot of the work of alvin-earthworm. 5 stars.^^


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super ninstolgic video off my past the first time a blew my mind in a vid on the internet how intence it was.
I shouldn't do more than that because it came out in 2007 and it's out datted from what it is today... FUK IT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS TO REVIEW THIS VIDEO I HAVE TO NOW!!! (were to start)
the opening showing off ristar and with ur dissapointed name and text that comes on the screen witch pretty much says "yes this is a sprite fight but it's diffrent" the effects may look outdated but still looks so smooth *exept links time thing* Music is FWCKING INTENCE! to kirbys super suk and showing off sonic is ginus MHM. this vid does everything right! I love the little defeted thing when they die. And those sound effects are so saticefing. I like when kirby said chaos control.
Lets not forget luigi the best part other than when sonic and mario were alone (now we know sonic whould win in a death battle :/) the end was deffently rose the bars when sonic came outta defeted (witch sonic mah fav video game cariter :3) and the end of the credits when star mario (thank god not super cap mario) and super sonic.
deffintly the one of the best animatoin on newgrounds and stays in my memorys full of child hood things when I was 9 or 10 or so. I have a couple of qustions tho.
1. are u still making nasf2 because u were making all those death battle vids (witch are the best animation on the internet XD) 2. will sonic vs shadow 3 finnaly end the trilgy when comes out if ever? 3. why did u make this vid, what was the thought proses

This is probly my most unprofessional review maybe EVUR but I can't help but to gush over my greatist memorys watching this and how good it is. Hey I acualy might be ur biggest fan XD Can't freaken wait what u show next from that crazy guy in the conner in that 5 guy restraunt crazyjc5

Short-Factor responds:

This whole thing is being drastically recreated soon.
I will not be making Sonic vs Shadow 3.
I do plan to make NASF 2 but it's going to be a while. Got a lot to do up until then and I'm trying to start the development of new animation software first.
I made this animation because at the time, there were a lot of crossover sprite animations (most were very poor) but there had been no crossover of many pop characters at once in a seriously made fight animation. I had a lot of ideas and decided to take a crack at it.

Sonic may have won the Death Battle, but I still hold the belief that Mario can match Sonic. His history of feats speak volumes about just how powerful of a fighter he is.