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Jul 3, 2007 | 8:41 AM EDT

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Universe Domination - Chapter 4

Here it is, the last part of the 'Mars is Next!' trilogy. I know I've said this for all of my other flashes which are to do with the Universe Domination series, but if you havn't seen the other two parts yet, then I really suggest that you watch them before watching this one to understand the story better.

If you look at the main menu, you'll see the logo for Universe Domination. I know it really sucks right now, but I will see about making a better logo than that one. All I need is some suggestions. Also, there were a few scenes that were deleted from the entire trilogy and I plan to make a flash with those deleted scenes. I won't say when it will be done, but it'll be submitted when it's done.

Enjoy the flash!

Flash info:

FPS: 30
Frames: 7765
Time length: 4 minutes 18 seconds
.fla filesize: 83MB
Started: 26th June
Finished: 3rd July



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good ender to trilogy

Well I found this to have a pretty nice plot to it which was a time paradox. Bahamut had to do a whole lot which was surprising for once. Had to destroy Mars in the future and keep his house from getting wrecked as well.

The voice acting was solid and the animation of the background and the bomb were pretty nice too. Also kind of chuckled at the text about how the moon was blown up thus resulting in the lack of a moon in this flash.

Nice little ender to the trilogy.

Murray responds:

And to think I ended it there.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Finally mars is gone :D oh i zomed in to the text where the moon use to be so i could read it :D

Murray responds:

You should see the Graham's Weird Day trilogy.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

So sexy.....and funny

MAN your voice is so sexy lol..... AND NO IM NOT GAY... i like boobs :D

Murray responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

A review title use to be here.

Another good part of the series. By far one of your best ones in my opinion. Time travel heh? Messed up stuff.

I guess the real question is since Bahamut has succeeded what will he do in the next one? He's already destroyed Mars so why another one in the series. Something I won't figure out until tomorrow probably.

The amnesia was fun though. :( Imagine the life Bahamut could have had if it stuck around.

Anyway, good all around. Decent graphics and animation, good voice acting, and great story line. Can't wait till tomorrow to see the next one.

*Laptop battery dies*

Murray responds:

That was all that happened besides the deleted scenes. :( When I reboot my series, I gotta try and redo this series.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Back to the cool humor!

I sadly wasn't there to vote 5 in judgement, but better late than never, so I enjoyed this anyway, and the end is fine! Excellent series!

Murray responds:

I'll try and get the deleted scenes done ASAP. :)