Rise of Alfred

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Comedy - Original

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Jun 21, 2007 | 1:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments

When Alfred Alfer the mentally ill dog gets promoted to manager of Burrito Bell, flashbacks of a neglectful and unloving childhood haunt him and give him an idea - to rule as Dictator. Alfred uses his burnt-out employees as Love Pawns in his sick and twisted desire to fill the emptiness of his childhood and to be loved. Oh yes, did i mention Alfred has Multiple Personality Disorder and he can talk to his dictator alter and that hitler and stalin's souls are stuck in his head for all of eternity and can control him too?

this is a full-length episode (7 and a half minutes) and i apologize if the beginning may be a bit slow but trust me - it will speed up.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It makes me sad to realize that this is one of the best flashes you have ever done. It's not that it's bad, it actually is my favorite flash of all time, it's just... well... I can tell there is a different mood to your newer material. You slowly morphed Alfred from this dramatic, anticipation ruling, suspense demanding, well rounded character to a brutal kick-butt, single minded, "hipster" sell-out that you keep wanting to push to just "poarn". Is there no shame in what you do. Take one aspect for example; your voice. To me, the voice acting in any of the Play Houses and this flash are the most dynamic compositions that I have personally have heard recently. But that was some time ago. Was it the drugs? The alcohol? I'm not sure of the source but while I looked deeper I found a little corner called Smut Cave. I expected someone who would be mildly humorous and understandable, but instead find a woman, while attractive, incoherent at best. I stumble to understand her "look I'm wearing a blond wig! I'm somebody else now!" jokes as she clamors vowels on top of vowels, barely holding to what might be a sentence. Mebey that is why you have not made a recent flash that features your voice acting. If you see this, I want to offer you a challenge; try going a whole year without any drugs or alcohol and see where it takes you. After that I say your free to go back to killing yourself with acid and paint fumes again.

p.s. Don't take any of this offensively, I only feel disappointed in the waisted skill. Please take the challenge, do the world a favor and don't die.

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emily-youcis responds:

Your review stroked my heart , a finger stroke that had a jagged fingernail. God. have I really become this stupid?
The only drugs I do is the grass, and i drink to have a good time now and then, incase you were wondering if i've been puking over a toilet these past 5 years. There is no heroin or meth either, you are in luck, sir!!
During the summer of the interview you saw me in I was going through a rather tough and confusing time in my 19 years of life on this wretched planet, which I assume you will understand, because you have seen The Playhouse,. And youve probably figured, as many times as you've droolled over it, that anyone who made that would've had a Fucked Up Childhood . Do you really think I would have gone this whole time without some sort of a meltdown? I may have made Alfred but im not made of fucking steel.
Cartoons are still my number one priority. I am beginning an Alfred Alfer feature length animated movie, and I assure you, Valued Alfred Fan, he will go back into as much depth and seriousness and insanity and all that you enjoyed about him before - except much much deeper.
One aspect of this movie is, ofcourse, Alfred's Corruption. He beleives he is an all-powerful jesus internet Porn Star , exactly what you cllaimed I turned him into him over the years. Yes I did corrupt and smash his very soul, and it was all part of the plan. This is because I am developing this pixelated used superstar sell-out layer. His false self. A version of Dictator Alfred, if you will.
Yet he remains a reall life rotting dog in a room. He has the rabies. THis grandiosity is all a delusion.... ANyway i need not waste my keyboardddings any further. no one will beleive me until it is done.
The "Summer" was an experiment in using my female body self ddoing corny jokes like celebrities in order to see if it could get Alfred more fame. And it did, slightly, but not as well as the carrtoons.
How do you even know how much of that internet was an act? You may simply be falling for my trolling, yet again.
Be happpy I gave you the Best Flash Experience of your Life, sir. Do not forget that. I promise you my skill wont be wasted, - I'm 22 for fucks sakes, most people havent begun their work at all let alone have had the privelege of having a neckbeard from across the internet criticize the latter years of the Alfred Saga...
I promise you I wont die, though I've come close. I know getting more ALfred to the public is my divine gift in life and I shant waste my talent.
I am glad that I did lead you down the Rabbit HOle of Corruption!! SEEeeeeeee ya l8tr!


Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 5 / 5 stars

beauty is skin deep until you cut them open

this is definitely thought out. i don't have ne insults for you.

i can sea the time restrictions your animation style gives you - or otherwise your flash version itself - but i wouldn't say graphic quality is essential to this. in fact, for this particularly it is suiting bc of it's grotesque and undefined entirety. i think that's wut makes it all the better neway. if nething, i'd only be picky about your blood; blood is vital to alfred, so you could have made the blood appear more obscene, but that's nothing for which to take points off.

i really liked your use of different cinematic (should that be wut it's really called) techniques, and your success with dissolving humor into drama.

i'd wish that your other animations were as perfected, or that your storylines were as well developed as in this animation.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

The musical part was good

When it was snowing and they were marching


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Holy hell!

I just got mind-F***ed for 7 minutes. It's scary, sometimes funny, and yet strangely completely enjoyable.

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