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Jun 18, 2007 | 12:49 PM EDT

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Universe Domination - Chapter 4

I have created a title for my flash series which are to do with the destructions in the universe known as 'Universe Domination'. I think that title is perfect because it nicely reflects my aim in these series of flashes and that's to take over the universe.

The first chapter of the series is the 'Graham's Weird Day' trilogy. The second chapter is 'F*** OFF YOU F*****!' and the third chapter is 'The idiots on the moon'. Now this is the fourth chapter. BTW, I do not know how many chapters in total there'll be altogether. Also, the Sun and the Earth being destroyed in my earlier flashes do not count towards this series.

Anyway, onto the flash. This continues the story of the first part of the 'Mars is Next!' trilogy. If you havn't seen the first part yet, then I strongly suggest that you watch the first part before watching this one to understand the story better (And I said for that flash that you should watch the previous flash before that one and so on XD).

Enjoy the flash!

Flash info:

FPS: 30
Frames: 9508
Time length: 5 minutes 17 seconds (my longest flash yet)
.fla filesize: 58.3MB
Started: 14th June
Finished: 18th June



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very nice story you came up with here. Fits in very well with the other flashes of that series and also has your usual humor in it. Great!

I think Bahamut should practice his amnesia powers a bit, so he can give amnesia to just one person at a time. Would be good to pay back A_S, that little sucker XD .

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Murray responds:

Flash Reviews: 333 :0

Also, nope, practising amnesia won't work. It's like an on and off switch. You can't have it set in the middle. :P


Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was really good. Definately make a third one.

Murray responds:

I definitely will make the last in the trilogy.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Pheonix Downs at the supermarket! WHOO HOO!

Murray responds:

Get them quick! They'll be sold out soon!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great colours in the sky. Cool watch.

I liked the sky colours and the hell bg looks cool too.

I think the colour of the grass could be a lot better though. Also, I still think you should have more shading and animation.

I think the explanation of Phoenix Downs was unneeded.

I loved Fagamut chasing Wade in the bg, the amnesia effect, the news reel with all the side-stories. All that really helped with the density of humour.

I wasn't too keen on the voice of 'nobody'. You could have gone a bit deeper, maybe deepened it in Audacity, then added an echo for a more 'god-like' effect. I assume that's kinda what you wanted?

All other voices are cool and Lucifer didn't have any static, which sometimes exists.

Overall, a cool submission that kept me entertained, had me chuckle a couple of times and felt like a worthwhile watch.

Btw, thanks for the AVGN link. Those are probably the best video-game-humour videos I've ever seen. You know, I think it'd be cool to make a lot of the names in the last scene clickable, from A-S to BlueHippo to Anderson to Findsounds.

Murray responds:

"I assume that's kinda what you wanted?"

Haha, yes it was what I wanted. :D

"You know, I think it'd be cool to make a lot of the names in the last scene clickable, from A-S to BlueHippo to Anderson to Findsounds."

Haha, you've been giving me quite a lot of ideas on how to improve these little parts of my flashes. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
This definitely makes a lot more sense than the other episodes. Well, not quite, really, but it definitely didn't leave as many holes or questions as other episodes. The storyline really took a twist with Satan now being involved and Graham having amnesia. The final episode will be fun to watch.

^^Needs Improving^^
Can't really say much here. A pretty good movie, though still some things that I've said in the past can improve.

Review Request Club

Murray responds:

"The storyline really took a twist with Satan"

It was an unexpected twist and that was my aim. :)

"Graham having amnesia"

Don't forget Afro_Stud and Crackman and everyone else. :P

"The final episode will be fun to watch."

I'm working on it now, but I'm trying to decide on a few things, so it'll take time. I'll try and get it done a day before I go on holiday to Cuba (14th July).

Thanks for the review.