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Nov 27, 2001 | 9:39 AM EST
  • Daily Feature November 28, 2001

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  • Ytown Public
    Ytown Public Be sure not to miss all the wild adventures happening at this school!

Author Comments

This is the second episode of Ytown Public. In the first episode Newton Nerd jumped out if the window and died. Now he's back! How?! Why?!

Find out now in this exciting episode of YTOWN PUBLIC!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it tears me apart to see somthing with talent....

have bad acting voices! i gave the sound a 10 becuase the guitar thing in the begging is cool :)! but invite some freinds over, make them do the voices of some characters, repeat! repeat that until ur ready to retire from making this cartoon *hopefully that wont happen cuz i like this show :)* aside from that...this toon rulz

McRhyme responds:

Thanks. I had cold when I recorded Fred's voice. For the 4:th episode I will include many, many friends from Newgrounds, who will send their voices via email! I will be sooo cool! The credits will be very long. Haha!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Real funny (maybe improve your acting? ;-)

I know not everyone can voice-act good. Hey! if your original language is swedish and you can also write in french that's still impressive. Maybe a little more effort on plot development and you are on your way to NG stardom.
Hmmm. funny thing is my linguistic courses managed to help me pick 1 out of 4 words from your swedish compatriot's review (but never actually learned the language).

McRhyme responds:

Thank you. I think I have improved the voice of Fred in episode 3. I had a cold when I recorded the 2:nd episode, so that's why he sounds like a... well... sounds a bit too pathetic. Yes, I do know how to write and speak French. It's hard. I'm working on #4 now! The plot is much more complicated than it seems in #3. I hope you still like it. Now see the rest...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


id give a proper review but i really have to run to the bog. cheers for saying you liked my picture. my friend was very brave to have taken it to be honest but my arse rules. *dashes off to the toilet*

McRhyme responds:

Too bad you didn't give me that review. Labidodilamdiday!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Terrific artistry

I offer only one suggestion. PLEASE GET NEW VOICES! Not to bash on you, but you don't have the kind of voice a person wants to listen to in a terrificly animated movie. Call some friends over or something. Other than that, keep up the good work.

McRhyme responds:

Woohooo! My voice stinks. I'll try to improve it. I'm thinking of some surgery. I'll probably merge an electric guitar into it. That would look cool. I'd look like a human giraffe. Cool. Thanks! Check out the rest... but skip #1 as the sound in that episode is so bad it makes my cry!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better than the first!

Good work pally-o! I love the brain cell song. But enough with the ruler stuff! Make a pencil box talk! He'd say "Hey I'm a pencil box! Nobody really needs me but they still use me anyways! Stupid idiots!" And make it co-conspire with the evil principal and make the pricipal use a giganto ray to make it try to swallow kids and suffocate them! It gets the girl but she uses her natural perkiness and sharp nails to cut a hole in the side! Or have the crackhead use a needle or something like a broken pipe. I tried using a broken pipe. It sucked. And have some romance with a nerd girl and more brain cell stuff! That would be sweet! And make a sign saying Ytown public with the L scratched off! HAHAHAHA!

McRhyme responds:

Wow... that's some idea! Yeah. You know what? I think I will create an episode with that story line, it's excatly how odd and cool I want it to be! A mutated pencil case. Now that's hot shit. Haha! It won't be in the 3:rd episode though because it is just compleated. But in the fourth... Oh yeah, and that Ytown Pub-ic is not a very "new" joke, but hey! I can put it in just as well. The Brain Cell will star in the next episode as well. And the nerd gal will start to show that see like Fred, and... well there's much more.

If you come up with more Ytown Public-story line that is this good, EMAIL ME!!! I will make it real (or at least parts of it)