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May 21, 2007 | 8:44 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 22, 2007

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A few people have been getting confused, but the afterburner only works when the yellow bar is charged, and it drops to zero if you shoot or get shot (to avoid ruining the 4th point in the list below)
Also, if you want to start in a destroyer, press 'End' to self-destruct in your fighter.

Okay, so the initial game concept was basically like this:

- Huge space battles (with several distinct forces)
- Intelligent AI
- Allied ships
- Giving the player no significant advantage other than their playing skill

As far as we’re concerned we accomplished all of that, and in doing so we’ve made something that feels quite unique to play. Now we’re just hoping that you folks agree =]

And to any webhosts who read this, you are all welcome to host this game on your sites, so long as you dont attempt to claim ownership of the game or change it in any way, and you make sure that you display it correctly x.x (500x500).



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Frustrating, yet excellent for it.

I refuse to give 10's because nothing is perfect, but for what you were going for, this is very close. The fact that the game provides with no actual advantage over your foes is at once vexing, but extremely refreshing.

If I were to suggest anything, for a sequel (please tell me there's going to be a sequel!), it would be a system to give orders to your NPC ships. Even if it's just "Follow me", "attack X" and "Engage at will" orders, it would be a great help. Right now, four-way (and to a lesser extent, three-way) battles are as much, if not more, a matter of starting position and luck than skill. A rudimentary command system would bring it back towards skill rather than luck, I think.

Secondly, a couple more ship designs would be nice, actually. Some variant designs maybe, rather than simply making ships bigger.

For example, a fighter (or slightly bigger than a fighter) chassis carrying one of the Destroyers repeating lasers, but nothing else. Or a Destroyer variant carrying turreted fighter-style lasers. Just some ideas.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


When are you making a second?

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

coool game awesome

it will be AMAZING if u made an online edition

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Glitch Detected!!!

I love this game...

I'm getting really good at this...

I'm now as good as this game is

So I think I should help others improve...

For those who find this game difficult and extremely unfair at certain levels...

Here is a step by step guide for u to beat unlimited numbers of enemies...(Excluding ONLY the MOTHERSHIP)

1) Get yourself killed...

2) Posses a destroyer...

3) Stay away from your allies and enemies

4) Wait for all your allies to die...

5) Wait for all the enemies to chase you...

6) Turn your back at them...

7) Wait for the enemies to get close to you and at just the right distance shoot missiles at your enemies

8) Accelerate and decelerate to keep your enemies at just the right distance.(Don't let them get too close or you'll die REALLY FAST!)

9) Survive and thank me for giving you this cheap yet extremely effective tactic...

This of course only works if you have a destroyer by your side...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a wonderful game that I've been playing for a while. I even got up into the millions and was once 20th on the board of high scores. I do think that many of the things in this game are random, however, it is your own skill that will pull you through the tight spots. Some of the more tactical elements would be appreciated though. Perhaps you could add a mechanic that allows you to buy more ships with the score you got on the last level? That way you could choose your ships and the player would have more control over the random luck. I'd love to see a sequel but since there hasn't been any word of one, my hopes are not high. But if there was a sequel, I'm sure my brain would explode from the amazing awesomeness.

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