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Golden Path

rated 3.73 / 5 stars
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May 15, 2007 | 10:12 PM EDT

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for your support on my last movies... This movie is about a man that is torn between life, death, good, and evil. I know I really need to improve on my story skills... So any input from you guys would be great!!! I really need the help! But PLEASE give constructive criticism! I know some people will find this boring, but I have to ask you to watch the whole thing! anyways Thanks!!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

On contrary, it wasnt boring.

Great tune, Another amazing colour incorparated tune. Respect to your music tastes. (flaming lips live, in about 3 weeks, yeo! ftw.)

I fully enjoyed it, it reminded me in sorts of Queens of the stoneages; go with the flow- it's kind of..sort..of :P

To improve you could always include a rewind's a music video right? :P
There was a few times in that video "how or why did i die"- bit was really interesting looking, i'd have liked to look over it, without having to have listened to it again.. and of course if you wanna go nuts you could throw in a separate section explaining why you thought such things. I'd be interested in that, probably only me though..

Great one ash, keep it up.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good song, good video.

I've always loved this song and had hoped someone would do something with it. I enjoyed your artwork and some of the visual effects were nicely done. As far as the theme goes, it was a pretty literal interpretation. My take on the song was always more about how it dealt with death and confussion yet was juxtaposed with a very happy-go-lucky tune. I imagined him hopping along his merry way without much concern at first, but grows more fearful as he goes along. That's just my vision of it though, so you don't lose points at all. I guess I"m biased having seen the video for it - plus the Wizard of Oz may factor in there somewhere as well. Overall, it was a well produced flash.

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cheshirecat1582 responds:

Thanks! Yeah I can see that now... Your take is actually more interesting... I wish I would have thought of that before... anyways thanks sooo much for the great review!!!
I wasn't thinking of wizard Of Oz when I was doing it... But when people said it looked kinda like it I was surprised that it did look like i meant it to be... Its weird... Must have been subliminal messages... I was watching OZ a few months before I made this...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Follow the yellow brick road indeed...

After I watched this, I went back and re-watched some of your other work so as to be prepared to write this review. Here goes.

First off, I thought the artistic work was beautiful. I could see how you built off some of your previous ideas and designs. For example, the skeleton that puts on the mask and is covered up reminded me of some parts of 'Breath Me.' In particular, I really liked the bit where the stars coalesce to form a figure. Most cool.

The song you chose is AWESOME! I know nothing of the band, so I can't join the debate that I saw in some of the other reviews. Oh well. I'll just reiterate: The song was awesome.

In your comments, you said that you "really need to improve on your story skills." I'm not entirely sure what you meant by that, though. Were you talking about the images and the visual 'story' that accompanied the song? The only thing I noticed there that could possibly be considered a weakness was the literal interpretation of the lyrics that was going on. That's the sort of thing that can work for you or work against you. The only place it bothered me at all was when the song was talking about the words of the demon being like lava from a volcano, and a volcano rose up in the background.

Judging by the rest of your work, I don't think you really need too much help on that area. I mean, it's just a matter of listening to the song and weaving your own story to fit the theme and feel of the music. You've already shown you can do that really well, in 'Opiate,' for example, or in 'Innocent Mayhem" (still one of my favorites).

Anyway, Kudos on another awesome video! It's good to see new work from you on NG. I wish I had been lurking on the portal to help protect this one, but I'll content myself with a '5' for it after the fact.

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Oh wow!! A long review!!! I LOVE long reviews!!! Thank you sooo much!!! Im sooo glad you liked my work!!! I put alot of time into each flash I make!!

What I meant about my story telling skills was that I feel like none of my Flashes have a very good story line... And I have a really really hard time thinking up a story... I guess Im going though a writers block of a sorts... Lol Thank you sooo much for watching all my videos!!! Wow!! I love when people do that! And hardly anybody ever takes the time to actually watch them!!

Im trying to make a style of my own so I guess I do look back at my past flashes and try to make some stuff the same... You know what I mean... Like the skeleton and dead trees and what not... Anyways... Thank you again sooo much for reviewing!!! I love the long reviews! As I said before lol!!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i love that song, i thought it was by chem bros.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Not much to say!

You have an incredibly surreal style, It's really excellent for this style of Flash! It flows beautifully with the song as well!

And might I add, excellent choice in music - it really compliments everything about the flash. The whole thing goes together like Toast and Butter.