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May 6, 2007 | 1:45 AM EDT

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And now for something completely different.

Hey stop uploading this to youtube you idiots, it kinda ruins the joke and it's only meant to be on Newgrounds.



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fool below me

Not having an ending IS the joke. besides, how would magicarp defeat magicarp? magicarp is imune to other magicarp splash attacks!

i suppose you could use ditto....wait...

2 yrs old, still awesome


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never ending

for the first time I actually left it running all night to see if there was an ending and guess what NOTHING it just kept going and going and going but it still was one of the best things I've seen thanks for uploading this to newgrounds!! wish I was as smart as you to post something like this but I'm not GW

10/10 from me

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Lol, its so funny, it repeats itself, and all they have is ditto and magikarp :P ITS TOO VIOLENT BECAUSE OF SPLASH ATTACKKKKK


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Hmm, I wonder how many different scenes there are?

"This Bitch be trippin all up in your grill magikarp use splash!"
"Fool, My Magikarp is immune to all other splash attacks"
"You call that a splash attack? Show him a real splash attack Magikarp"
"Now Magikarp, finish him with a splash attack!"
"Return fire now! Use Splash attack!"
"*Ring* Hello, I'm in the middle of something.. Team rocket? Team rocket can suck on my balls.. Magikarp use splash attack"
"You gonna take that magikarp? Counter attack with a splash!"
"Magikarp dodge away from the splash and attack with your own splash!"
"Magikarp return! I choose you Ditto!.. Oh shit.."
"Magikarp respond quickly with a splash attack!"
"Now Magikarp, use splash!"
"Oh no Magikarp! Quick use splash attack!"
"Magikarp return! I choose you Magikarp! Use splash!"
"Magikarp do a head on splash attack!"
"You can do it Magikarp! I believe in you! Splash attack now!"
"Magikarp! Use hyper beam!.. Well WTF do you mean you don't have hyper beam? Just use splash attack.."
"Magikarp use your splash attack!"

Magikarp this..
SPlash attack that..
Hilarious! 5/5, 10/10 or whatever you want, hell you even get splash attack/Magikarp

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Return Fire Now! With a Splash Attack

This battle is really intense, it gets you on the edge of your seat and best of all, you have no idea what they are going to do next! :)

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