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May 6, 2007 | 1:45 AM EDT

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And now for something completely different.

Hey stop uploading this to youtube you idiots, it kinda ruins the joke and it's only meant to be on Newgrounds.



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I counter with a splash!

Man I can watch this all day... I think I will!
Magikarp use Hyper Beam!
Well what the fuck do you mean by you can't use hyper beam, oh just use splash attack!
Magikarp return!, Go Ditto... Oh shit...
Magikarp return, Go Magikarp!
There is no way someone can make another pokemon thing like this that is this hilarious using different pokemon.


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That's freaking hilarious!

Though after 40 times the magikarp would have run out of PP and used struggle. Then they would have killed eachother and it would end in a tie. Blue would win because ditto would have less PP and be able to use struggle quiker.


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Tries even MY stamina.

Sooooo random, but then you warned us. Kudos to Ellias, I'm so here right now cause of VG, but it's worth it. I don't know if it's a loop or not!!!111ononeoneonewonwonwonw on.lolz. Just enough different shit sprinkled in there to keep me hanging on, you crafty man! arg... still... watching... waiting.. for end.. is there even one? laffffff funny


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Team Rocket can suckonmaballs!

"Magikarp, use Hyperbeam!-... what the fuck do you mean you can't use hyperbeam - a- just use splash!"

Don't you think that after a while, they'd lose PP for Splash and have to start thrashing around? HA.


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Team rocket can suck my balls -.-

Great video. Violence gets a 10 from how clearly evil and powerful splash really is.

Great video even if the creator will never read this.

You better thank VG cats for linking to this video ha-ha. Thats 1000+ views right there.

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