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Apr 20, 2007 | 10:27 AM EDT

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Author Comments

I finally made it onto youtube... Like. Subscribe. Or dislike, I don't care.

Cheers for the Front Page ya'll! Gradually reading all the reviews n schiz too ;) Keep em coming!

This could trigger an epileptic fit, severe paranoia or the giggles so just be careful! ;)

I may have missed Christmas... Valentines day... Even April Fools... But no way in hell was I going to miss 4/20! This one's for all you stoners out there! ;)

It was originally planned to be a music video for the first song (Awesome Forces by The Aquabats) but ideas ran thin and I had to come up with something quick for 4/20, of course! ;P

A lot of this movie is stuff from other (unfinished) projects which would otherwise have been thrown away. You might be able to tell which bits are old, but whatever, just enjoy it! ;)

Yes it's short. Yes there's no plot. Yes there's no basic theme or idea... This is just what happens when you're as baked as me! Haha... ^_^

Leave a review, send me a PM... Do whatever! I love hearing from you guys! ;) That's what keeps me going!

Happy 4/20 guys!
Keep on tokin! ;)



Rated 4 / 5 stars


It was alright. Kinda odd...a little. Im straight-edge but i liked it so all the people who do smoke shut the hell up were not all fags because we dont smoke. I just have better things do on my free time, so its not like im saying "dont ever smoke its bad for you blah blah" i just dont want to. As long as you dont do anything stupid i could care less what you do in life.

And dont call people who say its bad biast. Your being biast by taking the side your on anyway. Everything we say is biast, no matter what side your on so dont pull the "quit being biast" are too.

Funny flash though the music was cool. Fighting cool too. The head exploding was random...but funny

AcidX responds:

Well, technically, most opinions are biased. The movie is aimed at Stoners and members of the Cannabis Culture and therefore best appreciated by them.

However! It is great to see that some people on here actually are open minded and won't dismiss something because it has a few drug references in. Especially seeing as many of them enjoy films like Pulp Fiction and listen to bands like Pink Floyd. Basically, all the negatives are just immature 14 year olds who need to grow up.

Anyway. Cheers for leaving a good review. I'm glad you liked it and there's plenty more on the way ;) Hope you had a good 4/20, even though you don't smoke ;D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Here Are some faqs from an experienced x stoner Weed IS BAD! in many ways! for 1, it makes you DUMB very dumb.. but!! only if u smoke like a 50 bag every day. 2, it cost allot of money, 3 its bad for your lungs 4. for me and most my friends it lead to smoking. BUT! Weed is good for many other reason 1. it helps you relax, 2. it taste good, 3. most people are very peaceful when stoned, 4. sometimes you can focus on things really well i used to get baked and do homework lol. and 5. you can lose allot of weight walking around for weed. and remember some of these are just my opinions and some are faqs! lol GOOD MOVIE!

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AcidX responds:

Weed can cure cancer too apparently ;)
But yeah, it can make you dumb unless you fight it. Not really too hard though. Just lead your every day life; enhanced by the herb ;) Otherwise you just turn into a Pothead who knows nothing ;P

Cheers for leaving a good review man. Glad you liked it =) Stay tuned for more!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh jeez.

You notice all the users who flame this submission for being related to the herb and 4/20 are around 14 years old and completely brainwashed by anti-drug campaigns. I don't think they ever considered the fact that it might not be as trippy and weird as the commercials would publicize it to be.
No worries though, these kids will grow to have mass drinking problems, overproduction of testosterone and just spend the autumn of their years beating women. All because they took a negative stance against something they never knew anything about.

The flash was damn good, and deserving of front page. The graphics were slick, good sound, appropriate style and just generally a good way of expressing love for a good smoke.

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AcidX responds:

Nice to see the REAL people here leaving reviews now all those 14 year olds have fucked off to school ;)

Glad you liked it. That brainwashed society is the only thing blocking legalization and the bullshit we have put up with every day ;[

Cheers for leaving a review man. Hope you had an awesome 4/20! XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm gonna watch it when I'm on acid and see hou f***ed up I can get! It's awsome when sober...

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AcidX responds:

Don't do anything other than weed myself, but get back to me and let me know how that goes ;D


Rated 4 / 5 stars

stupid reviews!!!!

first of all every body who reviewed this ,liked it or hated it, ur all wrong about every thing, for the ones that like it..... being a pot head is not something u should be happy to be, pot heads r people who just smoke and pass out and dont enjoy their high. the proper term is stoner.....STONER!!!!!

for the ones that hated it

1.your gay forwatching this if u dont smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. shut the fuck up about weed being bad for u.....this flash isnt about peoples health....its caled a high enhancer...
3. yea for those who think smoking pot is for burnouts ur so fucking wrong in so many ways. first of all mostly teens or people in 20s smoke pot... how can a teen be a burn out!?!??

sorry but i couldnt just sit here and look at these dumb idiotic reviews that are irrelavent to the flash......any way great flash loved the music just a little short though, but good.

AcidX responds:

Yeah... Pot heads are shit boring and just waste all your money.
I second those opinions too. The amount of bad reviews here JUST because people have been brainwashed by FRANK and whatever anti-drug campaigns are out there. I'm not even too sure if I'm the one being called a burnout or what? As you say... That'd make me a teen burnout; even though I have a whole life and degree course ahead of me.

Glad you liked the actual FLASH and left a decent a review =) Hope you had a good 4/20 man.