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rated 3.86 / 5 stars
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Apr 20, 2007 | 10:27 AM EDT

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Author Comments

I finally made it onto youtube... Like. Subscribe. Or dislike, I don't care.

Cheers for the Front Page ya'll! Gradually reading all the reviews n schiz too ;) Keep em coming!

This could trigger an epileptic fit, severe paranoia or the giggles so just be careful! ;)

I may have missed Christmas... Valentines day... Even April Fools... But no way in hell was I going to miss 4/20! This one's for all you stoners out there! ;)

It was originally planned to be a music video for the first song (Awesome Forces by The Aquabats) but ideas ran thin and I had to come up with something quick for 4/20, of course! ;P

A lot of this movie is stuff from other (unfinished) projects which would otherwise have been thrown away. You might be able to tell which bits are old, but whatever, just enjoy it! ;)

Yes it's short. Yes there's no plot. Yes there's no basic theme or idea... This is just what happens when you're as baked as me! Haha... ^_^

Leave a review, send me a PM... Do whatever! I love hearing from you guys! ;) That's what keeps me going!

Happy 4/20 guys!
Keep on tokin! ;)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Much kewlness.

I really like the stick figure fight clip. Overall the graphics were pretty good. Much randomness. Keep up the good work. That would be much kewlness if you did a stick figure fight. Keep up the good work though.

AcidX responds:

;) I would do a stick figure fight, but it's so overdone. Though I will be working on an action-based thing at some point so keep your eyes open for that ;)

Other than that, thanks for the review. Glad you liked the movie ;)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I thoght you were the maker of..

"Is this what you want" But even I realised it had 2 be to good 2 be true :P
Anyway, I loved it, and had a couple of great laughs with it ^^
Keep it up!

AcidX responds:

Haha... Too good to be true ;P But he is a damn good author XD

Cheers for the review. Glad you liked this ;) More to come!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


pretty damn funny, just toked up before watchin it and it made me laugh hahaaaaaaa..keep it up, happy 420 allll

AcidX responds:

;) That's the way to do it! XD
Cheers for the review man. Glad you liked it =]


Rated 5 / 5 stars

top marks, how kud i resist?

how kud i resist giving top marks to a gud animation on dope! gud grafix etc !!!!!!! LITE UP AND SMOKE THE REVOLUTION!!!!

AcidX responds:

Awesome ;)

Hope ya had a good 4/20! ;D Cheers for leaving a review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good flash.

Didnt like the first part becuz it was good enough for nice trip.
The pamia pum part was probably best for me. But I think badger badger still does the best job. I did soft drugs in past like joints and cakes but Im more of a boozer and they dont work in combination of eachother well for me. So more bongs and joints :)
Worst thing i had that my brain froze when I looked at a flame it was stuck in animation for some minutes then I woke up.

Anyway LOL at the other reviewers who are about 14 years old.
First they say that smoking is bad and then they say you better die of a overdose. I mean why say to a person they shouldnt smoke pot and then tell them to die :S

AcidX responds:

When I can afford to smoke something like 15,000lbs of Marijuana then I will willingly overdose. Until then I'll just get baked in peace and keep making my crazy flashes ;P

Cheers for leaving a review man. Glad you liked it ;)

And yeah... Weed + Booze = BAD, unless you keep control (though that's kinda difficult ;)