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rated 3.86 / 5 stars
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Apr 20, 2007 | 10:27 AM EDT

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  • Drugs
    Drugs For all your drug-culture needs.

Author Comments

I finally made it onto youtube... Like. Subscribe. Or dislike, I don't care.

Cheers for the Front Page ya'll! Gradually reading all the reviews n schiz too ;) Keep em coming!

This could trigger an epileptic fit, severe paranoia or the giggles so just be careful! ;)

I may have missed Christmas... Valentines day... Even April Fools... But no way in hell was I going to miss 4/20! This one's for all you stoners out there! ;)

It was originally planned to be a music video for the first song (Awesome Forces by The Aquabats) but ideas ran thin and I had to come up with something quick for 4/20, of course! ;P

A lot of this movie is stuff from other (unfinished) projects which would otherwise have been thrown away. You might be able to tell which bits are old, but whatever, just enjoy it! ;)

Yes it's short. Yes there's no plot. Yes there's no basic theme or idea... This is just what happens when you're as baked as me! Haha... ^_^

Leave a review, send me a PM... Do whatever! I love hearing from you guys! ;) That's what keeps me going!

Happy 4/20 guys!
Keep on tokin! ;)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it was cool

hey im 14, but i don't mind potheads and i don't blaze up either. i listen to pink floyd and lotta shit like that. if stoners wanna smoke then let them smoke! some people just don't understand taht people have the ability to make their own choice *points at dark orchestra*. well thats all im gonna say for now. c ya later

AcidX responds:

Thankyou for not just being an asshole ;) I appreciate it.

It seems almost a waste of time making a flash just to have it flamed because I mentioned 'DRUGS'. The exact same thing happened to my "Bounce!" movie just because people don't like SoaD.
NewGrounds is just full of retards. People like you are the real mofos ;)

Anyway, glad you liked the movie. Cheers for leaving a decent review =]


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great movie,

An forthose fucking imature reatards, i have friends that smoke pot, my bro smokes pot, i really don't care, Pot aint the devil, nor is it evil, it's not gonna make u use heroin or anything, it's just stupid propaganda that ppl make to scare fucking ppl out of their minds just to stop them form using drugs, i'm clean, i dont smoke pot, but i do respect ppl choices, and smoking pot moderetly will not do anything, now stop being some fucked up lil kids and see the light, come out of the fucking closet and see the fucking light of day u fucked up douche bags.

Nice movie by the by, dude and you dont deserve such crappy reviews just cause the movie is about drugs, i hope u had a really fucking awesome 4/20, PEACE OUT

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AcidX responds:

Someone that isn't just a robot cast straight from the dark hand of society.

Pot isn't bad. If it was the devil drug everyone's been hearing about then you think I'd be able to make this flash!? And yes, I did make virtually ALL of it whilst HIGH on MARIJUANA.
All those immature bastards just need to get over themselves.

Anyway, I'm glad you actually have an free, open mind and enjoyed the movie for what it is =) Thanks for not just flaming the DRUG MESSAGE and leaving a decent review ;P

Yeah, I had a brilliant 4/20 cheers ;]


Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice flash

to them "aint drug's" people fine yeah drug's are bad very body no's that but if people want to somke weed fine let them do that but like very thing thire is a a down side to it but people no of the down side they all ready no the problme's that come with drug's but people can make thire won choice, yeah i don't do drug's but still it is a bit stupid to moan for ever about it it's like drinking or gambling it's all the same

AcidX responds:

Cheers mate ;)
Try reviewing the movie a bit more and using some punctuation in the future though. I understand you were being nice and not just having a go at me for smoking weed. I just want to know what people actually like and don't like in my movies =) Then I can actually get better ;D

Glad you liked it though, and cheers for leaving a review =] Plenty more to come! XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Severe giggles. xD

Dood. I'm watching this, and I'm bakesd out of my mdin. Liek, I wad giggleing my ass off this whole timew. Keep up the good work,


AcidX responds:

Oooohhh maan! You are/were off your head! XD
That's what I like to see and that is how this movie is best appreciated! XD

I hope you had an awesome 4/20 man! Cheers for leaving an excellent review as well!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heh, well done.

That was very amusing. lol
Ya did a good job mate, keep it up.

AcidX responds:

Glad you liked it. Cheers for leaving a review too =]