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Mar 26, 2007 | 4:33 PM EDT

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TTA Episode 061: Shadows Come to Life pt. I

It has been five long months since the final showdown with the D-Bug Dragon that threatened to kill every remaining user in TOME through the Super Computer. Giga enters a report on the D-Bug Organization's recent actions, and what has happened to the members...but new conflicts are in the works. Alpha and his team are apparantly being blamed for actions they didn't commit! At the same time, they've been offered a new challenge by a group of seven extremely powerful users, so their former partners are left behind to take care of the new threat that seems to be slowly working its way into the virtual world. This time, there are MUCH bigger things at stake than "the balance of virtual power" between those who's destinies have been intertwined with viruses...and take a guess of who's smack dab in the middle of it all?



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I love that DMC music! *Drools*

I like Kirb's new sprite, and the portraits look nicer, especially Tsuzuku's. And I recognize the music where WQ, Saturndiva, and Hamstar first show up. It's virtua fighter, isn't it? I love that game too! Anyway, good movie! The only thing that annoyed me was what Taizen said.



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At last DMC music!!!!!

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I swear to God, the whole 'not realizing the Alpha they're fighting isn't the real one' pissed me off. It was the same thing with Sonic and Shadow. Hello! He's all black with red friggin' eyes! How could you POSSIBLY think that's normal Alpha?!

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W00T for Nailock!!

This episode was full of win on Nai's part!!! The only problem I can see so far is that all of the characters that have mouths have FREAKING TINY ASS MOUTHS!!! The battles are only getting better though as well as the music choices! GOD I'm glad I found this series when I did...

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OMG WHEN I WAS READING THE HACKERS BIOS I FOUD OUT THATSimidragon was 40 freaking years old . Now thats something you dont see everyday