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Feb 20, 2007 | 6:10 PM EST

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The Impossible Quiz is now available to download from the AppStore for iPhone/iPod Touch! Only $0.99 (59p)

See how many questions you can answer before it's Game Over. Sounds simple? Think again... the questions are BASTARD hard and require obscure insane logic, super fast reactions or just pure luck to answer correctly.

It's not actually impossible though, just really really hard. GOOD LUCK! Mwahahah! :p

EDIT: Added a mute button due to people moaning.



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How to farm blams :D


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Questions 66 to 92
66.- The ! at the end of the question
67.- A big hairy arsonist
68.- Rub him! (pass the mouse over him)
69.- Lol, 69
70.- Using it's anus
71.- Time your click :)
72.- Put your mouse on the left side and lower it to the half
73.- Top right
74.- No one knows that...
75.- Put your mouse under the number and brace for impact!
76.- Sugar, Honey, Honey
77.- Question 77
78.- Four
79.- The ''U'' on ''What do you mean?''
80.- Filthy romans
81.- Stroke the pole untill a thunder strikes
82.- Cut the fingernails! fast!
83.- National dislexic association
84.- Get the star! (the last green thing that appears on the lower area)
85.- I loved it!
86.- The prince
87.- Click the . on the question number (HINT: It's hidden :D)
88.- Break Sonic's leg! (click the leg alot)
89.- Blindness
90.- Nonce
91.- Rip the note in half before the bomb appears! (do NOT read) (HINT: There's a spot to start close to the 7th line, I think)
92.- 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1 and 0.4 (but do it fast!)
That's as much as my brain can take for today o.o

Well, I have no clue to what to do at 93 :/. This is a continuation to sparkyastro8's comment btw

TIPS: Contains spoilers from question 100+

1)Write down the info of 50. It helps for question 58, 108 & 109

2) You NEED the 2 skips from question 84

The last one might contain major spoilers, so be warned

3) You NEED all 7 skips for question 110 (last one)

My final verdict of this game is that is chalenging as hell but the tipe of challenges that gives you alot of joy when you dominate it. And as a plus it's random in a great way!
Good one, Splapp-me-do!

Anyone knows 93+? please leave a comment :)

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very annoying, but fun, I guess.